Greece: ERT is ready for Eurovision 2023!

It’s ERT’s time and Eurovisionfun is in the thick of it all! Learn everything about ERT’s plans for Eurovision 2023, and more… What is this year’s selection procedure? When shall we expect an official announcement? Who have expressed an interest in participating?

As August approaches, the Greek National Broadcaster is ready for the Eurovision 2023 project. Shortly before the summer holidays, the ERT’s executives, involved in the past years’ selection procedure and preparation, have finalised their planning, with the selection procedure scheduled to commence, as last year, at the beginning of September.

The team leaders

Eurovision project’s supervisor, for the third consecutive year, will be none other than Dora Chiraki, while Sofia Dranidou will also return to her position for the third consecutive year as Greece’s head of delegation. You don’t change a winning team, especially when this team has now the necessary expertise and knowledge to go one step further. Indeed, this stability, after several years, in people surcharged with the Eurovision project, is a goal that all participating broadcasters seeking good results in the Contest aim to achieve. 

The procedure for selecting country’s representative

Although we do not know the exact procedure for the selection of Greece’s participation in Eurovision 2023, ERT is expected to remain faithful to the formula it has been following in recent years. That is, to give the opportunity to record labels and production companies to submit their proposals, and to come up, through an internal selection by a committee designated by ERT for this purpose, to the proposal that will bring the best results for Greece in May.

Moreover, it is now widely accepted that ERT’s committee has correctly chosen the songs and artists for the last three years, thus marking a triumphant return of Greece to the elite of Eurovision countries. People in the field, albeit at first being skeptical about the committee’s objectivity and judgement, now agree that the selection method carried out by ERT gives everyone the opportunity to take part in the procedure, keeping away unnecessary drama and negative publicity. At the same time, it has also managed to arouse the interest of artists, who in previous years would not have participated in Eurovision.

ERT expects to capitalise on all of the above to an even greater degree this year, since more and more artists are coming forward and expressing their interest in participating in ERT’s internal selection, estimating a way bigger turnout than the 43 proposals submitted last year. 

The dates

Moving to the practical aspect of the matter, it is expected that the official announcement for the submission of proposals will be issued just after the presentation of the ERT’s program, which will take place on September the 6th. Of course, it remains to be seen if ERT will insist on the internal selection or if it will try to engage the public in some way, although as we noted above, the former is more likely.

The goal for Eurovision 2023 is clear; a place, for the third year in a row, in the top-ten. A goal which is not as easy as it seems. Besides, at the moment only three countries managed to have two consecutive places in the top-10, one of them being Greece. Of course, after this year’s eighth place, the bar is particularly high, but the Greek team is optimistic that it will do credit to all Greek fans.

The artists who have expressed interest so far

The artists who, in one way or another, have expressed their interest to represent Greece in the next ESC (which will take place in the United Kingdom) are the following :

  • Vasilis Kourtis
  • Melissa Mantzouki
  • Antonia Kaouri
  • Leon of Athens
  • Katerina Stikoudi
  • Kalomira
  • Klavdia
  • Aggelos Archaniotakis
  • Tania Breazou
  • Evangelia
  • Joanne et al.

Eurovisionfun will be again this year on the forefront, supporting the Greek entry, ERT and our team with all our strength and vigour, because as we have previously said, they are making a worthwhile effort!

Stay tuned here, at the home of Eurovision in Greece, for all the news and updates about the Greek entry in Eurovision 2023!


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