Serbia: With Hurricane and “Hasta La Vista” in Rotterdam

The grand final of Beovizija 2020, the 10th edition of this institution to choose the country’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, was completed shortly before.

The show started at 21:00CET time and took place at RTS Studio 8 in Belgrade. Dragana Kosjerina, Jovan Radomir, Kristina Radenković and Stefan Popovi were presenters of the evening.

At tonight’s final we saw the 12 finalists compete for a Rotterdam ticket:

-Milan Bujaković feat Olivera Popović – “Niti”
-Hurricane – “Hasta la Vista”
-Neda Ukraine – “Bomb”
-Andrija Jo – “The Mediator”
-Igor Simic – “Ples za rastanak”
-Thea Devy – “Sudnji dan”
-EJO – “Trag”
-LIFT– “Samo mi kaži”
-Ana Milenković – “Tajna”
-Naiva – “Baš baš”
-Marko Marković – “Kolači”
-Bane Mojićević – “Cvet sa Prokletija”

The result

The result was judged by a 50/50 vote by the television audience and the five-member jury. Hurricane won the finale with  “Hasta La Vista” song.

Serbia will appear in the first half of the second semifinal on May 14th.

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