Cyprus: Alexia |”I have rejected many proposals for Eurovision but I am thinking about it for next year”!

Alexia gave a shocking interview to Alpha Cyprus and specifically to the journalist Costas Karnakis. The great voice of Cyprus opens her house to Alpha’s camera and refers with pain and bitterness to the new challenge of Turkey to open the enclosed city of Famagusta and more specifically the beach of Varosia. However, Alexia also refers to the Eurovision Song Contest, throwing a literal bomb at any developments, since as she characteristically states, while for so many years she was not interested in the contest despite the proposals she accepted, for next year’s contest she is seriously considering the possibility of a new participation in it!

The great artist from Famagusta, with her unsurpassed collaborations and sales, talks for the first time about the new illegal action of Turkey, to open the enclosed city of Famagusta, the ghost town as everyone calls it, which for 46 years has been waiting for its legal inhabitants to return to their homes.

But apart from her personal experiences from the Turkish invasion of 1974, Alexia also refers to the Eurovision Song Contest. After first expressing her opinion, preferring local artists as representatives of the countries, she states that despite the fact that all previous years she rejected the proposals she accepted in order to return to the contest, this year she is thinking about it!

Every country should give a step through Eurovision to talented local musicians… Many times I was offered Eurovision but I stubbornly refused. But now to tell you the truth I’m thinking about it for this year!

Alexia for the Eurovision Song Contest.

In 1981, in the first participation of Cyprus in Eurovision, 17-year-old Alexia, together with the band Island, bring the sixth place for Cyprus, with the song Monica.

In 1987, as a soloist, Alexia represents Cyprus with the song Aspro Mavro, occupying the seventh place! The song is becoming a huge success in Greece and Cyprus, while it exceeds 250,000 sales in Scandinavia! Following is her first solo album in Greece, with composer Costas Charitodiplomenos and her long record career begins.

A return of the great Alexia to the Contest, with an appearance like the one made by Patricia Kaas in 2009 for France, would literally mean an artistic earthquake, which would transcend the narrow borders of Greece and Cyprus. We wish her interest to be real and why not see her again on the Eurovision stage!

Stay tuned to Eurovision Fun for all the news regarding to our favorite music contest!

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