Cyprus: This is why Kalomira rejected CYBC’s proposal for Eurovision 2021!

The popular singer Kalomira gave an interview to the morning show of Open TV, Eytycheite to the journalist Giannis Poulopoulos.

In particular, she talked about her family and their life in America. Of course, she could not fail to mention Eurovision.

She spoke about Eurovision 2021 as her name was one of the first to fall on the table for the representation of Cyprus in Rotterdam.

She revealed:

It was a risk with the coronavirus to travel with the children. There I put the brake.

Would she go to Eurovision again in the future?

Yes, I would love to go to Eurovision in the future. The children have now grown up. I would like my children to see me on stage. They have not understood that I am a singer. They asked me why they were interviewing me.

Watch her full interview in the video below:

Would you like to see Kalomira on Eurovision stage again?

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