Israel: Landslide victory for “Set Me Free” | See the detailed results!

Israel became the second country with confirmed song for Eurovision 2021 after the yesterday’s national final, HaShir Shelanu L’Erovizion.

During the final, the three candidate songs were presented through video clips, while at the end, the choice of the audience was announced, who in the previous days voted for their favorite online. So, Eden Alene will travel to Rotterdam with the song “Set Me Free”.

The victory of “Set Me Free” seems to have been sweeping as both the official account of the country’s broadcaster, KAN, on Instagram and the account of the Eurovision contest shared the detailed results of the national final.

According to them, the final ranking of the three songs was as follows:

Set Me Free – 71.3%
La La Love – 17.2%
Ue La La – 11.5%

Israel will compete in the First Semifinal of the contest, on May 18.

Do you agree with the results?

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