All the information about the Greek entry in Eurovision 2022 so far!

ERT may have been accustomed to official announcements in the past years after the Christmas holidays, but the place in the top ten that Stefania brought to Rotterdam a few months ago whetted the appetite of the managers of the Greek public broadcaster, who want an even better placement in Italy. Thus, in contrast to what happened in previous years, we will soon have the first announcements, while there are many artists who are preparing to claim the Greek representation in Eurovision 2022. We will see all this briefly below.

How will ERT choose the artist and the song?

So far no final decision has been made on how the artist will be selected, but also the song that will represent Greece in the next song contest. Nevertheless, what seems most likely is a process similar to the one followed in 2020. An artistic committee of ERT to examine the proposals that will be submitted and decide on both the performer and the song. The difference with 2020 is that this time the process will be more open and with more publicity, giving the opportunity to any interested party to submit his proposal.

At the end of September, ERT will make the first announcements, giving a deadline of no more than two months, for those interested in wishing to represent Greece in Eurovision 2022. Immediately after, the proposals submitted to the committee will be evaluated and the most appropriate one will be selected. ERT’s goal is that by the end of the year, the Greek entry in the next song contest has been selected, so that there will be plenty of time for the video clip, the setting up of the stage presentation, but also the promotion of the song abroad.

Stefania’s good result this year, after eight years of failures, but also the professionalism shown by the ERT team in this year’s contest, has aroused the interest of many artists. Let us then look at three of them, who have already begun their preparations for claiming Greek representation in Eurovision 2022.


Kalomira wants to return

Kalomira wants it very much, but the same desire is shared by her record company Heaven. According to our information, Heaven is preparing a specific proposal in order to submit it to ERT, in a relatively short period of time. Kalomira is not unknown to the friends of the contest, since in 2008 she took the third place for Greece, with My Secret Combination.

Of course, this alone is not enough to bring the sweetest Kalomira back to the contest. ERT should announce the way in which the artist and song will be selected for Eurovision 2022, while of course Kalomira’s proposal should convince the managers of the Greek public television that it will bring a very good result for the country in the music competition, which will take place next May in Italy.

The interest from all the record companies, after this year’s tenth place of Stefania and the way ERT managed the Eurovision project, has reasonably increased and Kalomira is not the only one who is preparing….

Amanda from Norway wants to repeat Stefania’s success

Amanda Georgiadi or as she is known, Amanda Tenfjord, is a half Greek artist that lives and works in Norway. After this year’s successful participation with Stefania, ERT will probably want to repeat the successful experiment, sending a talented artist from abroad, thus capturing votes from countries that basically do not vote for Greece (this year Stefania received 10 points of the Dutch televoting).

Through her social networks, Amanda informs us about the fact that she was in the studio, for the recording of new songs. Of course, Eurovisionfun could not help but ask the expatriate, talented songwriter and singer if this recording has anything to do with the Eurovision Song Contest.

Amanda willingly answered us, telling us that she recorded three new songs, one of which is actually intended for Eurovision. She also revealed to us that she will visit Greece in the next months. Specifically, as soon as she performed the second dose of the vaccine, the young artist told us that she would come to Greece, in order to be here in the studio as well.

Good job Nicky is also preparing

Many eurofans in Greece would be extremely happy, if Good job Nicky would be the country’s representative in the next Eurovision Song Contest. Nikolas Varthakouris, who as Good Job Nicky has brought fresh air to the Greek music scene, is particularly positive about the possibility of participating in the Eurovision Song Contest, provided of course he finds the right song, which in turn will convince ERT that can be a worthy successor to Stefania and Last Dance.

The interest of Good Job Nicky to participate in Eurovision seems to be confirmed by Ermis (Hermes Geragidis), the composer-producer with whom Nikolas writes all his songs. When asked on Instagram about the possibility of seeing Nicky on the Eurovision stage, Ermis said ignorance laughing, but then nodded in agreement.

Vote in our poll

Of course, the interested artists are not exhausted in the above three names, since as we told you, many will be the ones who will try to claim the Greek representation for Eurovision 2022. But there are definitely three persons that will occupy us in the coming months. Vote in our poll below. Who you would like to represent Greece at Eurovision 2022, send your own message to ERT!

Stay tuned at Eurovisionfun for all the developments regarding the Greek entry at Eurovision 2022!

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