Greece: ERT ‘s announcements for Eurovision 2022 | This is how the Greek entry will be chosen!

Confirming in full the report of Eurovisionfun, that ERT in September will officially start the procedures for the selection of the Greek participation in Eurovision 2022, a while ago the announcement for the selection was posted on the website of the Greek public television. For another year, as we had informed you, the representative of Greece, but also the song that will represent the country in May, will be chosen by internal procedure, through the submission of proposals.

The deadline and conditions for submitting entries

By October 10, those interested, who wish to represent Greece in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, must submit their participations in ERT.

As part of ERT’s participation in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in May 2022 in Italy, Hellenic Radio Television invites companies from today that produce or distribute recordings to submit proposals for the country’s participation this year. us, with a deadline of Sunday, October 10, 2021.

Each proposal should be complete: that is, it should include a performer or a group with a maximum of six members, according to the regulations, as well as one to three songs, which have not been released or presented to date either in Greece or abroad. in any way, in whole or in part. The selection of the participation will also take into account any artistic group accompanying the performer and ideas (concept) for the promotion and presentation of the song.

Corporate Communication Department
Department of International Relations
Contact phone for information: 210-607.54.05

The process is very close to what happened in 2020 with the selection of Stefania and SUPERG! RL, ​​only this time everything is more formal and given through the relevant announcement, the opportunity is given to all artists, creators, record companies wishing to claim Greek representation at Eurovision 2022, to do so.

Despite what was written from time to time, ERT never seriously considered holding a national final in the summer, nor, of course, did it wait for any epidemiological data to decide the selection process to follow. This, of course, is supported by today’s announcements, since ERT is among the first countries to officially announce their full plan for the promotion of their participation in the next contest.

The names that will concern us

Of course, without being the only ones who will send their proposals, already through Eurovisonfun you have been informed about three artists, who have their proposals ready (or almost ready).

They are Good Job Nicky, Kalomira and Amanda Tenfjord and both of whom will submit their candidate songs to ERT in the coming days.

Over time we will have the opportunity to reveal more details about their proposals, we already know several things, as well as the proposals of other artists that will also be submitted to ERT.

With hopes and optimism for a new triumph in Italy

Much earlier than ever, ERT has started its search, starting this year the procedures for the selection of its participation in Eurovision. Guided by last year’s professionalism, but also a very hard-working team, with experience now and efficiency, will travel to Italy to repeat last year’s triumph and achieve something even better.

We told you last year that Greece will return to the top ten and we insisted on it until the end, almost alone. For 2022 let us be even more optimistic.

ERT wants it, ERT believes it, ERT can do it with the right partners, which we will reveal to you over time, it will bring Greece even higher.

Stefania’s tenth place in this year’s contest, after eight whole years of bad results, will continue, since the Greek public television has decided to play hard in the competition, using in 2022 all the weapons available in its quiver.

Stay tuned in Eurovisionfun for all the news regearding the Greek entry in Eurovision 2022!

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