Christer Björkman: “Sweden’s victory would make me come back on producing Eurovision”!

Former Eurovision producer Christer Björkman has admitted that a Swedish victory in next month’s competition will tempt him to return to Europe.

Björkman is currently in the US producing the American Song Contest.

Speaking in an exclusive interview a few days after the second qualifying round of the American Song Contest, Björkman said that if Cornelia Jakobs  succeeds and wins this year’s Eurovision, he will be tempted to return as a producer.

You know what?  This shit is a poison. You can never get rid of it. Once you have it in your body it’s there to stay and you always have to fight it. It’s like an addiction. So would I be tempted? Yes, of course I would be tempted. I love to produce Eurovision. I’ve produced the contest five times and the full show twice so bring it on.

Björkman was a producer for the first time at Eurovision in 2013 , when the competition was hosted in Malmö after Loreen’s victory. He returned in 2016 when the competition was hosted in  Stockholm , Sweden.

Thoughts on Melfest without Christer Björkman

In addition to his Eurovision production experience, Björkman was also in charge of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen for two decades , one of the biggest national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest.

He left from his role as a producer in 2021 , where the competition was held without an audience due to the pandemic.

When he was asked about this year’s Melfest , he said:

I liked the mix of songs. I think it was a brilliant selection when we got to the final. It had a great variety. It had three songs in Swedish which was really good. It was not that they felt that they were there only because they were Swedish. They were actually very, very good. I think they did a really good job. They had some troubles along the way, especially with the voting but that’s technical. Shit happens. That would’ve happened even if I was there so there’s no judgement in that. I think it was good. I love the winner. I really do. I think she’s so good.


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