Poland: Public broadcaster declares willingness to host Eurovision 2023!

After Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Iceland and Sweden, Poland also declares its willingness to host or at least help Ukraine host Eurovision 2023!

The President of Poland’s Public Television, Jacek Kurski, explained that he is willing to help Ukraine in the organization of Eurovision 2023, although that’s something he cannot entirely commit to before first consulting other state services.

There is always willingness to help, but there are also procedures that bind us as a company like the State Accountancy. As a public company, we are disciplined here, and therefore I cannot make promises other than that of generally good will in this matter.

Poland has already confirmed its presence in next year’s competition, while Mr. Kurski also expressed his support for Junior Eurovision, where Poland counts two recent victories.

Poland finished 12th in the Eurovision 2022 final with the song River:


Where do you think next year’s contest will take place? Take a guess in the comments!

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