Greece: Mike Connaris sent a submission to ERT for Eurovision 2023!

Songwriter Mike Connaris is willing to return to Eurovision Song Contest, after representing Cyprus twice (2004 and 2015), managing to progress at the Grand Final both times.

Mike Connaris is testing his capabilities with Greece

We have mentioned before that a songwriter that represented Cyprus in the past was on his way working on a Greek Eurovision 2023 participation. Relying on our exclusive information, we are able to reveal that this songwriter is Mike Connaris and he has already submitted his song to ERT!

In 2015 John Karayiannis won the Cypriot national final with One Thing I Should Have Done, a song composed by Mike Connaris. Cyprus could progress to the Grand Final, but this time it was limited to the 22nd place.

Taking into account his love for Eurovision Song Contest and the fact that Cyprus is collaborating with Panik Records once again, he decided to test his capabilities this time with Greece, having already sent a submission to ERT.

With which performer he is collaborating for Eurovision 2023?

Mike Connaris in this song is collaborating with Cynthia Verazie. She may be remembered by many from her participation to ANT1’s Rising Star where she impressed both juries and the public with her vocal capabilities, despite her young age.

Cynthia was residing with her family to Limassol, but she is of Polish decent. In 2018 she moved to Norway, where she became known from her participation in The Voice of Norway. There, she managed to progress as far as the semi-final. Cynthia’s dream is to become an opera singer, hence her studies to this direction.

A ballad for Cynthia

The song Mike Connaris wrote for Cynthia could be nothing else than a ballad, taking into consideration that this is the genre he excels at. At our previous article we have already informed you that at this time of writing, more than ten songs have been submitted to ERT, one of those being the participation from Mike Connaris-Cynthia Verazie.

How does the collaboration of Mike Connaris and Cynthia appeal to you? Would you like to see them in Eurovision?

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