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Greece: Will Marina Satti collaborate with Rosalia’s choreographer for Eurovision 2024?

With the beginning of the new year, ERTMarina Satti and her team are in full swing, for the selection of the song that will represent Greece at Eurovision 2024, but also for the selection of the creative team that will direct Marina’s stage performance in Malmö.

Through an Instagram story posted a few hours ago, we may have gotten an idea of one of Marina Satti’s potential collaborators, who is internationally renowned.

We’re talking about the German choreographer with roots from KomotiniGreeceMetznoun Mecnun Giasar, who is known as Majnoon and has worked with huge artists from the world music industry, and has also won a Grammy for his work on Rosalia’s Motomami.

When asked about a possible return to Greece, Majnoon responded with Marina Satti’s name, her song Tucutum and the comment “for the culture“. This story was reposted by Marina herself.

Marina Satti Majnoon

In a subsequent story, where he was asked whether he would be at Eurovision with Loreen or with another artist, Majnoon did not negatively, commenting that maybe he should compete with his own music.

Majnoon Eurovision

Majnoon’s stories have since been deleted.

Among the artists Majnoon has choreographed are MadonnaBTS and Loreen, while his most notable collaboration is with Rosalia, with whom he created the viral choreography for the groundbreaking Motomami tour. In addition to being a choreographer, Majnoon is a self-proclaimed musician, producer, director, mentor and fashion icon.

Below you can watch samples of Majnoon’s recent work:

Would you like to see Marina Satti in Malmö with a choreography by Majnoon? Let us know in the comments!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all developments regarding Greece’s participation in Eurovision 2024, in Malmö!

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