Sweden: Two debutants and the return of Paul Rey!

Aftonbladet, a while ago revealed three more acts, that will be joining the line-up of Melodifestivalen 2023.

Elov & Beny

The duo formed back in 2008 and consists of two guys from Örebro called Mattias Elovsson and Oscar Kilenius. They have topped the Swedish charts and TikTok and at the same time their summer hit “Bubbel på balkongen” has more than 22 million streams on Spotify.

Tennessee Tears

Another debuting duo in Melodifestivalen is Tennessee Tears. This band that does country music consists of Jonas Hermansson and Tilda Feuk. They have recorded most of their music in Nashville, USA. Earlier this year they signed a contract for the record company of the artist Jill Johnson called Jimajomo. According to Aftonbladet, Jill acts as a mentor for the band.

Paul Rey

Paul Rey is very well known and returns to Melodifestivalen 2023 for a third time.. Back in 2020 he participated with the song “Talking in my sleep”, reaching the finals and placing sixth. The following year he made another attempt, with the song “The Missing Piece“, when he also reached the finals through Andra Chansen.

Artists that seem to be confirmed for Melodifestivalen 2023

  • Nordman
  • Loulou Lamotte
  • Wiktoria Johansson
  • Marcus & Martinus
  • Emil Henrohn
  • Theoz
  • Elov & Beny
  • Tennessee Tears
  • Paul Rey

The dates of Melodifestivalen 2023

  • Heat 1: Gothenburg – Saturday 4 February 2023 (Scandinavium)
  • Heat 2: Linköping – Saturday 11 February 2023 (Saab Arena)
  • Heat 3: Lidköping – Saturday 18 February 2023 (Sparbanken Arena)
  • Heat 4: Malmö – Saturday 25 February 2023 (Malmö Arena)
  • Semi-final: Örnsköldsvik – Saturday 4 March 2023 (Hägglunds Arena)
  • Final: Stockholm – Satuday 11 March 2023 (Friends Arena)

We remind you that Melodifestivalen 2023 is scheduled to take place between February 4th to March 11th, while SVT has received 2824 songs. The list of participants will be published in November or December and will be hosted by Jesper Rönndahl and Farah Abadi.

Melodifestivalen 2022 was won by Cornelia Jacobs with the song “Hold Me Closer”, representing Sweden in Eurovision 2022 and coming 4th with 438 points.

Source: Aftonbladet

Who do you wanna see taking part in Melodifestivalen 2023? Tell us in the comments!

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