BBC’s predictions for Eurovision 2023!

The BBC on its official website, a few hours ago, has published an article in which it makes predictions for the results of Eurovision 2023!

The issue here, of course, is not that there is a prediction from a music editor, but the fact that this commentary-critic exists on the official website of the public broadcaster that is hosting the contest this year. We do not recall that in the history of Eurovision, at least the recent one, there has been a corresponding article on any of the websites of the television stations taking part in the contest, let alone on the website of the organizer.

We have already had the first reaction from the artists, with Joker Out from Slovenia republishing the relevant BBC article with a fair amount of irony as you can see…

Mark Savage, who signs the article, is a music editor for the BBC, with more than 20 years of experience, while this year he is mainly engaged in covering the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, which, as you know, will take place in Liverpool. He has interviews with Madonna, Lana Del Rey and Ed Sheeran to his credit.

The BBC predictions

  • Albania: low in the final
  • Armenia: top 10
  • Australia: mid table
  • Austria: top5
  • Azerbaijan: elimination
  • Belgium: low in the final
  • Croatia: maybe qualification
  • Cyprus: there is a risk of elimination
  • Czech Republic: top 10
  • Denmark: will struggle to qualify
  • Estonia: low in the final
  • Finland: top5
  • France: top3
  • Georgia: in the second half of the table
  • Germany: mid-table at best
  • Greece: elimination
  • Iceland: will struggle to qualify
  • Ireland: hard to predict
  • Israel: in the top half of the table
  • Italy: in the middle of the table
  • Latvia: possible elimination
  • Lithuania: just outside the top 10
  • Malta: possible elimination
  • Moldova: low in the final
  • Netherlands: low in the teenage vote
  • Norway: around 5th place
  • Poland: elimination
  • Portugal: will struggle to qualify
  • Romania: elimination
  • San Marino: elimination
  • Serbia: just outside the top 10
  • Slovenia: in the bottom 5 of the final
  • Spain: top3
  • Sweden: top3
  • Switzerland: elimination
  • Ukraine: top10
  • United Kingdom: 7th place

Do you agree or disagree with the BBC’s move to publicly predict the fate of songs in this year’s competition? How do you comment on them? Tell us in the comments below!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments!

Source: BBC
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  1. Luke g
    Luke g says:

    Do not agree with the predictions.
    Switzerland being eliminated?? They have one of the best songs in the competition, where as finlamd have one of the worst, also spins song is terrible and will finish no where near the top 5


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