Greece: Marina Satti’s song will not be decided by a broadcaster’s committee!

The song with which Marina Satti will represent Greece in Malmö and Eurovision 2024 will not be chosen via a televised show and hence by the audience. Thus, it was mentioned in “SUPER Katerina” morning show, that no jury will be involved in the selection of the song either.

The abolishment of a special committee for Eurovision 2024

The decision-makers have decided that there will be no involvement of a committee in choosing the Greek song for the upcoming competition. Βearing in mind the severe criticism ERT faced earlier this year about its selection process which led to the worst Greek result in Eurovision history, the reason behind this decision is considered quite obvious.

As a short reminder, the jury’s preferences were vastly different from the audience committee’s ones. Regardless Melissa Mantzouki’sLiar” finishing first by a wide margin in the audience’s vote, the jury ranked her last, depriving her of the Greek representation in Liverpool.

As a result, in order to keep a possible committee out of the spotlight, ERT appears to have made the decision that the selection of Marina Satti’s song for Eurovision 2024 will take place without the involvement of any committee. Nevertheless, Marina Satti herself was chosen as the Greek representative without the involvement of any committee.

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