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Greece: ERT answers to fans who demand Israel’s exclusion from Eurovision!

A few days ago, an introductory video was published in the Contest’s social media, in which the Greek representative, Marina Satti, introduces herself to the fans of Eurovision.

Marina Satti introduced herself to “the people of Eurovision” and she states that she can’t wait to go to Malmö in Sweden in May, in order to present the Greek music, culture, dances and energy, and she wishes to see everyone there!


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However in the comment section of the video, as well as in many recent posts in Eurovision’s social media, there are many comments that disapprove Israel’s participation in this year’s contest. In the same time, they ask Marina Satti and ERT, the Greek broadcaster, to demand Israel’s exclusion, and in case this doesn’t happen they want Greece itself, to withdraw from the contest.

Greece is not the only country to receive this kind of messages. The public broadcasters of Iceland, Ireland as well as that of Finland, have all received a great amount of messages, demanding each country’s withdrawal from the contest, in case Israel competes.

According to, ERT answered to all these accusations, saying that the topic of a possible Greek withdrawal from the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, has not been present in any conversation in the channel!

In detail, Dora Chiraki the Director of Corporate Communication of ERT, stated:

“As of now, no official request have been made on Israel’s exclusion by EBU, by any of the competing countries, as was the case with Russia, for example. There is nothing official. If there is something in the future, then we will discuss it.”

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