United Kingdom: Mae Muller retires from singing indefinitely!

Mae Muller was the representative of the United Kingdom in Eurovision 2023, and was one of the favourites, right from the beginning. Despite her bad placing in the final. her song “I Wrote a Song” was placed high in all betting companies until the end, and it has become a massive fan-favourite.

A few days ago, Mae Muller, posted a very serious decision she made after a lot of thinking, on her social media. In a long text, she states that music is her passion, however lately, it turned into a chore, trying to impress the judges and win a place in the radio playlist. To sum up her text, she says that she decided to retire from singing, at least until she feels better with the whole situation.

“Hope you’ve all had the most lovely xmas and new year, I miss you!! Time is going so fast it’s insane but in the past few years I have done some incredible things and I am so proud of my achievements, and while i’ve been taking a break for the last couple weeks I have been reflecting on where I am and who I want to be as an artist. despite my achievements, at times i’ve felt like I lost sight of what I was doing this for and why I started music in the first place. The pressure of chasing hits for so long (which many signed artists can relate to) wore me out, which caused ne to make decisions which didn’t sit well in my gut personally or creatively. Music went from being my passion to becoming a job churning out songs to try and impress exec’s or get a playlist spot for radio, which is not why I started doing this. I started it because Ilove it and I want to get back to that. Ιt’s been emotional, exciting and at times scary but to grow you have to be uncomfortable and when you’re not happy where you are you need to make a change, which is what I’ve been doing behind the scenes. I had the album campaign of dreams, making little to no compromises with a major label, which is so rare in this day and age and for that I am extremely grateful (streamsorry i’m late xoxo) but I need to take a little step back. Last year was the most intense year of my life and i am creatively (and emotionally)fatigued, so ur girl just need a moment to reenergise! I just wanted to be honest with you, because at the end of the day it all comes down to you guys, my fans (I hate calling you that you’re so much more) but you have been there for me every step of the way. Some of you since the very beginning, and i’ve always wanted to be upfront, so if things seem to be a bit quiet that’s why. I want to be my best self for you because it’s what you deserve and honestly, it’s what I deserve too. I love you all an incredible amount and I’m not going anywhere!! Just working more behind the scenes to get back in touch with myself and the artist I want to be. (also preparing for gassed up to come out next month she’s a f****** ACTRESS”

Do you think Mae is overreacting, or she really did what was best for herself?

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