Spain: Lérica and Jorge González were the favorites of the internal RTVE jury!

Despite the fact that Nebulossa won Benidorm Fest 2024, the spanish national selection and will ultimately wave the country’s flag at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest with their song “Zorra“, RTVE‘s internal jury rank other entries higher.

The aforementioned jury had the responsibility to choose the participants of this year’s Benidorm Fest through ranking them. As the spanish internet newspaper Publico reveals, after a request they sent towards the spanish broadcaster, the internal RTVE jury had placed Astronauta by Lérica first and Caliente του Jorge González second, while they ranked Zorra by Nebulossa fifth. Also, Benidorm Fest’s runner-up St. Pedro with Dos Extraños (Cuarteto de Cuerda) was placed 14th by the internal jury.

The last place was a tie score-wise between Quique Niza and Yoly Saa. Yoly Saa’s song (No se me olvida) as well as Mantra’s entry (Me vas a ver) were originally named Llorar un mar and No eres para tanto respectively, but they switched their title before the Festival.

The names of the substitutes were also unveiled: Verónica Terrés, Ondina, Reyko, Ángela Carrasco, La Beba and Veintiuno came close to taking part at Benidorm Fest, especially Verónica Terrés, who had only a 2-point difference from Quique Niza and Yoly Saa. As for Ángela Carrasco, she is a renowed Dominican artist, who eventually appeared at Benidorm Fest, as a member of the jury.

Below, you can see the results and the points of the internal RTVE jury for the participants of Benidorm Fest 2024:
  1. Lérica – Astronauta: 186 
  2. Jorge González – Caliente: 161 
  3. Miss Caffeina – Bla Bla Bla: 141 
  4. Dellacruz – Beso en la mañana: 136 
  5. Nebulossa – Zorra : 120 
  6. María Pelae – Remitente: 106 
  7. Sofía Coll – Here to stay: 97
  8. Mantra – Me vas a ver: 97 
  9. Noan – Te echo de menos: 88 
  10. Roger Padrós – El temps: 88 
  11. Angy Fernández – Sé quien soy: 82 
  12. Marlena – Amor de verano: 79 
  13. Almácor – Brillos platino: 75 
  14. St. Pedro – Dos extraños: 74 
  15. Yoli Saa – No se me olvida: 67 
  16. Quique Niza – Prisionero: 67 
The substitutes:
  1. Verónica Terres – Fugaz: 65 
  2. Ondina – Me está mirando: 62 
  3. Reyko – Run with you: 60 
  4. Ángela Carrasco – Él y yo: 59 
  5. La Beba – No me fucking importa: 57 
  6. Veintiuno – Telenovela: 57 

Finally, Nebulossa will fly to Malmö for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, where they will perform Zorra.

Stay tuned at EurovisionFun for all the news!

Source: Publico

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