Tamta to represent Cyprus in Tel Aviv

The popular Greek singer, Tamta, will represent Cyprus at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. The Georgian born artist with a big career in Greece, Cyprus and Georgia will wave the Cypriot flag in Tel Aviv. Read more

Greece: ERT to annouce the working group for Eurovision 2019 in the coming days

While all countries have started their preparations for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, ERT seems to be very quiet on this issue. But is that true or the Greek broadcaster have also begun its preparation?

In communication with the Director of ERT’s International Relations and project coordinator Eurovision, Mrs. Maria Koufopoulou, told us that in the next few days we will have the announcement of the working committee that will take over the Greek entry of the upcoming contest.

I hope in the coming days we will announce the committee to take over the Eurovision project until the hint of the artist who will represent us. By this I mean that it has been suggested to some people to be members of the commission and we are waiting for their answer.

As was reasonable, our next question was whether ERT would choose to appoint the Greek representative through an internal selection or through a national final. As can be seen from Mrs Koufopoulou’s answer, we should still have some patience, as the way of choosing the Greek entry has not yet been decided.

The Commission will see all these issues. and the method will be announced.

Soon we will have the first official announcements of ERT for Greek participation in Eurovision 2019.

Russia: Dream Team records in Moscow the 2019 Eurovision entry

TheGreek composer, Dimitris Kontopoulos, along with other two members of the “Dream Team”, Ilias Kokotos and vocal coach, Alex Panayi, have been in Moscow the last couple of days. Mainly for business this time, as according to our information, they arrived in Russia in order to record the 2019 Eurovision entry. Read more

Greek singer Shaya has submitted an entry for the participation in Selecţia Naţională 2019

Hδημοφιλής Ελληνίδα τραγουδίστρια που έχει καταγωγή και από τη Δανία, Shaya, αποκάλυψε σε πρόσφατη συνέντευξη της ότι έχει καταθέσει συμμετοχή για τον εθνικό τελικό της Ρουμανίας,  Selecţia Naţională 2019. Read more

It’s “Replay” for Cyprus in Eurovision 2019

We already know the first representative for Eurovision 2019, Srbuk from Armenia, and now we know the first entry’s title. CYBC revealed some moments ago, that the title of the Cypriot entry in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest is Replay. Read more

France: Listen the songs of Destination Eurovision 2019

On December 6th, France’s broadcaster revealed the 18 candidates who will compete in Destination Eurovision 2019, the French national final for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. As  was mentioned in the official presentation, on December 20th, TV France will publish snippets of the 18 songs. However some of the songs there are already in YouTube. Read more

Greece: Nikos Ganos declares “ready” for Eurovision 2019

Nikos Gkanos is a popular pop singer, that became famous after his participation in Super Idol, one of the very first talent shows in the Greek TV. Nikos expressed his will to represent Greece in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest to many of his latest interviews. Now, he declares he already has a strong song, suitable for the contest, with an experienced team and a sponsor to cover some of the expenses. Something obligatory by ERT, for the last Greek representatives. Read more

Cyprus: CYBC reveals all the composing team for Eurovision 2019

CYBC with a post on its official Facebook account for the Eurovision Contest, has just confirmed what we have easily or hardly guessed over the past few days. That is, the team of composers of Cyprus’ entry in Eurovision 2019: Alex Papaconstantinou, Teddy Sky, Albin Nedler, Kristofer Fogelmark and Viktor Svensson.

Already yesterday it had become clear that Alex Papaconstantinou for the second consecutive year will participate as a composer in the contest with the Cypriot colors. In a photo that has also been uploaded to the CYBC’s Eurovision account, we see in a Greek restaurant, CYBC’s ceo Michalis Maratefti, the head of delegation of Cyprus in the contest, Evi Papamichael, and Alex Papacostantinou, along with a friend , telling us that they will work together for Eurovision 2019.

Today’s post becomes clearer, as CYBC reveals the names of all the composing team of the Cypriot song in Eurovision 2019.

This will be the fifth participation of Alex Papaconstantinou in the contest (Greece 2007, Azerbaijan 2009, Cyprus 2012 and 2018). Teddy Sky was in Fuego’s composing team. The rest are Swedish artists with whom Alex Papaconstantinou has collaborated in the past, for example, at La la love by Ivy Adamou, Unloved by Tamta, Cool me down by Margaret etc

CYBC invites us to stay tuned, for the rest of quizzes that will follow, and through will be revealed to us various elements of the next Cypriot entry in the contest!

Greece: Costs for Eurovision 2018 participation revealed

ERT revealed the amounts it spent on the participation of Greece in Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The total amount is 183.470 Euros Read more

Cyprus: The second quiz for the 2019 Eurovision entry

CYBC through it’s official account for the Eurovision Song Contest in Facebook, revealed the second quiz, inviting us to discover various elements of Cyprus’ entry in the upcoming contest. Read more