The Rasmus: “Eurovision saved us from break up”!

The Rasmus frontman Lauri Ylonen has revealed the band came close to splitting up as lockdown and personal struggles drove the members apart, but their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest saved them from break up!

Lauri, Eero Heinonen, Aki Hakala and new guitarist Emilia ‘Empu’ Suhonen stormed back into the limelight this summer as they represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest with their song Jezebel.

While they didn’t get the result they – or their masses of fans – were hoping for, Eurovision saw the Finnish four-piece find new admirers and regain old ones, some of whom may not have followed them since their massive 2003 hit In The Shadows.

But Eurovision represented much more than that, as Lauri tells

I think it was really something that saved us from destruction. It was just perfect timing for something like that. It really was important at this point, because we were really almost about to break up before all these good things started to happen. Everything was so uncertain, and I was thinking, what if this is the end? If we don’t get to play anymore?


Lauri previously revealed to that The Rasmus had been working on new record when they decide to stop it in its tracks and go for Eurovision instead, which, as he has now revealed, ended up to be a saving grace for the band.

That album, Rise, is set to release on 23 September and features hit single Jezebel, as well as new track, titular song Rise.

Now – in what will be a relief for fans of the band – there are no plans for The Rasmus to break up, and despite their newest album still weeks away from release, they’re already working on the next, with time in the studio booked and new songs ready to be recorded.

Source: Metro

Eurovision 2022: Watch the Live-on-Tape videos of Greece, Armenia and Finland!

The live-on-tape of the countries that participated in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest in May in Turin will be shown this year through the official Eurovision channel on YouTube.

From June 14 to 23, Eurofans will have the opportunity to watch the live-on-tape appearances of about thirty of the forty countries that took part in this year’s contest.

Today, it is the turn of three more countries, two of the first semi-final and one of the second semi-final. Since the EBU decided to show the live-on-tapes based on the running order of the first semifinal, this means that today it is the turn of Greece, Armenia and Finland.

🇬🇷 Watch the Live-on-Tape performance of “Die Together” by Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord:

🇦🇲 Watch the Live-on-Tape performance of “Snap” by Rosa Linn:

🇫🇮 Watch the Live-on-Tape performance of “Jezebel” by The Rasmus:

Watch the previously published Live-on-Tape videos:

What do you think about the first Live-on-Tape videos of Eurovision 2022? Do you like them or do you prefer the live performances?

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Eurovision 2022: Finland’s First Rehearsal!

Kicking off the first rehearsals of the 2nd Semi-Final of Eurovision 2022 are the Finnish rock superstars “The Rasmus” with their energetic song “Jezebel“.

Everything about The Rasmus :

The popular rock group “The Rasmus” was formed in 1994 in Helsinki and has had worldwide success with singles like “In The Shadows” and “Livin’ In A World Without You”. The current line up consists of Lauri Ylönen (vocals), Eero Heinonen, (bass), Aki Hakala (drums) and Emilia Suhonen (guitar). The band has sold 5 million albums worldwide and approximately 350,000 albums in Finland alone, and has won numerous awards, both domestic and international. They have released 9 studio albums and are currently working on their next one.

The Rehearsal

Finland’s set is covered with with huge, floating black balloons, and the band have brought bright yellow wet weather clothing to the Turin stage. Maybe they’re planning a dip in the waterfall?

As you’d expect from The Rasmus, this is a really confident performance that packs a powerful visual punch with the yellow lighting. They’re like a swarm of rock bees, and we’re very much awake.

Of COURSE Finland have fireworks and smoke jets in the final chorus – it’s pure rock ‘n’ roll.



Below you can watch a small clip from Finland’s first rehearsal from Tik Tok:

@eurovision @therasmusofficial ROCK OUT during their first rehearsal for Finland 🎸🎈 #Eurovision2022 #EurovisionTikTok #Eurovision ♬ original sound – Eurovision

The second rehearsal of Finland will take place on Thursday 5/5 so we will have a better picture of what we will see from The Rasmus on the stage of the competition.

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Finland: Watch a video from The Rasmus rehearsals for Eurovision 2022!

Finnish public television has posted on social media a short excerpt from The Rasmus rehearsals, just weeks before the legendary band representing the country in this year’s music contest, leaves for Turin and Eurovision 2022.

In this video we see that the yellow and black color, which dominated the appearance of The Rasmus in the national final, will be here as well. We also see various large balloons, as promised, to be in place with some of them going up and down. The appearance remains dynamic, but without losing the special identity of the band.

The Rasmus participate with the song Jezebel, in the second semifinal. In fact, it is an ear that will open at night, since they are the first to compete!

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Finland: The Rasmus’ staging in Turin to include flying props!

The official account of UMK, the finnish national final, controlled by the public broadcaster YLE, has just brought to light information about The Rasmus‘ performance and staging in Turin via a Twitter post.

The post emphasizes that the band’s appearance on the Eurovision stage will be very different from their appearance in the finnish national final, which took place in February. In addition, many props in the air will be used, as they also seem to be referring to balloons.

Below you can watch the band’s performance in the finnish national final UMK:

We remind you that Finland will be opening the second semi-final on May 12th.

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Finland: The Rasmus is representing the country in Eurovision 2022! | The Rasmus at the winner’s press conference!

The grand final of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, the national final of Finland, has just been completed, with the country choosing The Rasmus as the festival’s winner and therefore their representative for Eurovision 2022 in Turin. Finland used the same show to pick their representative for yet another year since 2012.

A total of seven finalists, that were picked among 312 submitted songs from more than 1000 songwriters, competed in the national final, claiming the ticket to Turin.

The seven artists:

The seven candidates of the night were:

  1. The Rasmus – Jezebel
  2. Isaac Sene – Kuuma Jäbä
  3. Olivera – Thank God I’m An Atheist
  4. BESS – Ram pam pam
  5. Younghearted – Sun numero
  6. Cyan Kicks – Hurricane
  7. Tommi Läntinen – Elämä kantaa mua


The results was decided by 25% international jury vote and 75% televote.

The Results:

Juries (50%)

  • The Rasmus – 68
  • Isaac Sene – 28
  • Olivera – 46
  • BESS – 56
  • Younghearted – 40
  • Cyan Kicks – 52
  • Tommi Läntinen – 4

Public vote (50%)

  • The Rasmus – 242
  • Isaac Sene – 99
  • Olivera – 121
  • BESS – 184
  • Younghearted – 51
  • Cyan Kicks – 169
  • Tommi Läntinen – 52

After the public and the international juries voted were combined, the results of the national final are:

  1. The Rasmus – 310
  2. Cyan Kicks – 221
  3. Bess – 204
  4. Olivera – 167
  5. Isaac Sene – 127
  6. Younghearted – 91
  7. Tommi Läntinen – 56

The big winner of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2022 were The Rasmus with the song “Jezebel“.

You can watch The Rasmus’ performance in the national final here:

The Winner’s Press Conference:

The winners of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2022, The Rasmus, were taken to a press conference after their victory. They were asked about their plans for Eurovision and their participation in UMK 2022.
What they said was that they look forward to performing together with last year’s winners, Måneskin. They added that it’s great that rock music is getting better and better and it’s getting bigger in the contest each year. Lastly, the lead singer, Lauri Ylönen, revealed that it is long time dream for their fans to see them performing in UMK.

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Finland: The Rasmus released the official video clip of “Jezebel”!

The Finnish rock band The Rasmus is one of the participants at the Finnish national selection UMK 2022 for Eurovision 2022.

The band are claiming the representation of their country in Turin with the song Jezebel . The track was written together with Desmond Child, with whom The Rasmus collaborated for their 7th album “Black Roses”. Desmond Child has also worked with some of the biggest names of the world rock industry including KISSBON JOVIAEROSMITH and ALICE COOPER.

Speaking about their cooperation, Child revealed that Jezebel was written in Greece and specifically on the island of Folegandros. 

Today, the rock band released the official video clip of their entry which you can watch below:

The video was directed by the internationally awarded director Jesse Haaja.

The next representative of Finland will emerge through the UMK 2022 on 26th of February 2022, which is scheduled to be broadcast at 21:00 EET. For those outside Finland, there will be available live-streaming here

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