Czechia: The odds regarding the winner of ESCZ 2024!

Only a few hours may have passed since the presentation of the ESCZ 2024 entries, but already the first odds for the winner have been set!

The ratings, as you can see below, on two Greek bookmarkers (NoviBet and Stoiximan) seem to agree having MYDY and “Red Flag Parade” as the favourites, with Elly following in second place with a pretty big lead over the other 5 artists.

ESCZ 2024 – Winner – NoviBet – 5/12/2024

ESCZ 2024 – Winner– Stoiximan – 5/12/2024

The above odds also seem to be in line with the opinion of the international public, which will determine 70% of the result, as recorded on the My Eurovision Scoreboard app.

ESCZ – Community – My Eurovision Scoreboaard – 5/12/2024

The results will be announced on December 12

The voting started yesterday night and will go on until next Monday, December 11, with the winner being announced the next day.

The winner will be determined by 100% public vote:

  • 70% International Public
  • 30% Czech Public

If you want to vote for your favourite song and help Czechia select its representative, you just need to download the official Eurovision app, HERE!

Until we find out who will represent Czechia at Eurovision 2024, let’s remember the country’s participation in last year’s contest. The previous ESCZ winners were Vesna with the song “My Sister’s Crown” who finished on the 10th place and managed to get Czechia back on the Grand Final for the second consecutive year:

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Eurovision 2023: Finland is now first on My Eurovision Scoreboard!

In the most popular ranking application of Eurovision entries, the well-known My Eurovision Scoreboard, the first place for this year was occupied by Loreen, where with “Tattoo” as she was there from the first moment of her victory in Melodifestivalen 2023.

One of the biggest, if no longer the biggest, favorites to win this year’s competition was so far in the first place. And we say “was”, as a few minutes ago she was pinned down by another favorite. It is none other than Finland, where Kaarija with “Cha Cha Cha” is clearly now a highly measurable opponent for the victory next Saturday in Liverpool.

Sweden and Finland are also going head-to-head in the bookies for both the semi-final win and the grand final win, with Finland winning the first and Sweden the second.

See the new top 10 of the My Eurovision Scoreboard application:

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Eurovision 2023: Top 37 By 36.000 People!

Like every year, thousands of users vote via the “My Eurovision Scoreboard” app selecting their top 10 in the standard Eurovision scoring way!

So how has the overall ranking of the 37 countries shaped up based on around 36,000 different ratings, 2 weeks since the last song was released?

The ranking of the 37 countries based on the data of the app is as follows:

  1. Sweden 240,104
  2. Finland 206,337
  3. Norway 155,188
  4. Austria 146,962
  5. France 123,721
  6. Czech Republic 122,761
  7. Spain 108,278
  8. United Kingdom 92,428
  9. Slovenia 79,866
  10. Israel 78,076
  11. Armenia 73,011
  12. Serbia 62,305
  13. Italy 60,318
  14. Georgia 45,279
  15. Moldova 43,988
  16. Estonia 39,775
  17. Netherlands 34,653
  18. Latvia 32,720
  19. Portugal 31,577
  20. Cyprus 28,951
  21. Germany 27,168
  22. Australia 25,085
  23. Ukraine 23,877
  24. Switzerland 21,840
  25. Iceland 20,662
  26. Lithuania 19,296
  27. Belgium 17,695
  28. Denmark 16,311
  29. Croatia 15,536
  30. Malta 12,617
  31. Albania 11,041
  32. Poland 10,505
  33. Ireland 9,842
  34. Greece 9,258
  35. Azerbaijan 7,072
  36. Romania 6,346
  37. San Marino 2,065

Sweden is first with 240,104 points, followed by Finland with 206.337 and Norway with 155.188 points!

This data is constantly changing, as more and more users enter their rating in the application.

You can watch the related video from the Douze Points YouTube channel below:

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Source: My Eurovision Scoreboard