Ukraine: Detailed results of Vidbir 2022!

A few hours ago, the Ukrainian broadcaster,  Suspilne, published the detailed results of Vidbir 2022, which was the Ukrainian national final for Eurovision 2022 in Turin!

We remind you that the voting results of the national final depend on the televoting (50%) and the jury (50%). Each member of the jury gives points ranging from 1 to 8, where 1 is the lowest score and 8 is the highest. The voting results of the viewers are formed as a percentage of the votes, which amounts to 100%, with the subsequent conversion of the votes to points from 1 to 8.

The detailed voting of the jury is as follows:

Tina Karol:

  • Michael Soul – “Demons” – 1 point
  • Roxolana – “GIRLZZZZ”  – 2 points
  • Cloudless – “All be alright” – 3 points
  • Our Atlantic – “Moya lyubov” (My love) – 4 points
  • Barleben – “Hear My Words” – 5 points
  • Alina Pash – “Tini zabutykh predkiv” – 6 points
  • Kalush Orchestra – “Stefania” – 7 points
  • Wellboy – “Nozzy Bossy” – 8 points


  • Cloudless – “All be alright” –  1 point
  • Michael Soul – “Demons” – 2 points
  • Roxolana – “GIRLZZZZ” – 3 points
  • Wellboy – “Nozzy Bossy” – 4 points
  • Our Atlantic – “Moya lyubov” – 5 points
  • Kalush Orchestra – “Stefania” – 6 points
  • Barleben – “Hear My Words” – 7 points
  • Alina Pash – “Tini zabutykh predkiv” – 8 points

Yaroslav Lodigin:

  • Cloudless – “All be alright” –  1 point
  • Barleben – “Hear My Words” – 2 points
  • Kalush Orchestra – “Stefania” – 3 points
  • Michael Soul – “Demons” – 4 points
  • Roxolana – “GIRLZZZZ” – 5 points
  • Our Atlantic – “Moya lyubov” – 6 points
  • Wellboy – “Nozzy Bossy” – 7 points
  • Alina Pash – “Tini zabutykh predkiv” – 8 points

The overall score of the jury is the following:

  • Cloudless – “All be alright” –  5 points– correspond to 1 point
  • Michael Soul – “Demons” – 7 points– correspond to 2 points
  • Roxolana – “GIRLZZZZ” – 10 points– correspond to 3 points
  • Barleben – “Hear My Words” – 14 points– correspond to 4 points
  • Our Atlantic – “Moya lyubov” – 15 points– correspond to 5 points
  • Kalush Orchestra – “Stefania” – 16 points– correspond to 6 points
  • Wellboy – “Nozzy Bossy” – 19 points– correspond to 7 points
  • Alina Pash – “Tini zabutykh predkiv” – 22 points– correspond to 8 points

The total votes of the public:

  • Michael Soul – “Demons” – 1,239 votes – 1 point
  • Our Atlantic – “Moya lyubov” – 1,605 votes – 2 points
  • Barleben – “Hear My Words” – 2,740 votes  – 3 points
  • Cloudless – “All be alright” –  3,410 votes – 4 points
  • Roxolana – “GIRLZZZZ” – 5,034 votes – 5 points
  • Wellboy – “Nozzy Bossy” – 5,646 votes – 6 points
  • Alina Pash – “Tini zabutykh predkiv” – 19,535 votes – 7 points
  • Kalush Orchestra – “Stefania” – 31,634 votes – 8 points

Kalush Orchestra will represent Ukraine in Turin with the song ”Stefania”. You can listen to their entry here:


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Ukraine: The thriller ends | Kalush Orchestra goes to Turin!

This year’s thriller with the Ukrainian participation in Eurovision 2022, has just ended. According to the country’s public television official announcement, the Kalush Orchestra will eventually represent the country in Turin after the withdrawal of national final winner Alina Pash from the process.

It may have been a whole week since the end of Vidbir, the national final for Eurovision, but Ukraine has only managed to find a representative today. The forced withdrawal of Alina Pash, since according to the complaints, she presented fake entry certificates for her trip to Crimea in 2015, brought a domino of developments with the final result that the Kalush Orchestra took over the representation of the country in the competition.

The Kalush Orchestra with their song Stefania took second place in Vidbir 2022, but having received the most votes from the audience. On Thursday (17/2), the Ukrainian public television addressed a request to the band, to replace Alina Pash in Eurovision 2022.

We remind you that the Kalush Orchestra had denounced the process after their defeat in the national final, claiming that these were the real winners.

Do you think that Kalush Orchestra’s Stefania is a better choice for Ukraine in the contest than Alina Pash?

Ukraine: Broadcaster asks Kalush Orchestra to replace Alina Pash in country’s representation!

The public broadcasting company of Ukraine Suspilne has just announced that they will ask the group that finished second in Vidbir 2022 (and first in the public vote), Kalush Orchestra, to replace winner Alina Pash in the country’s representation in Eurovision 2022, after Pash’s withdrawal.

The announcement made on Suspilne’s official website points out the following:

The organization will appeal to Kalush Orchestra to represent Ukraine at Eurovision.

Today, February 17, at the meeting of the Organizing Committee of the National Selection for Eurovision 2022, it was decided to submit an application to Kalush Orchestra with the proposal to represent Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin.

Kalush Orchestra finished second in the final and received a total of 14 points, of which the maximum of 8 points from the audience and 6 points from the judges.

It should be noted that the Public Broadcasting monitors the observance of the National Selection Rules and the process of appointing a representative for Ukraine.

According to paragraph 3.4 of the Rules, in case of termination of the participation of the participant who is determined/declared as the winner of the Selection, the organization has the right to decide on the appointment of a representative of Ukraine in the competition among other finalists.

It is important for the broadcaster to maintain the public’s trust in the song contest, so the broadcaster asks the band that finished second in the final and received the most public support to represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2022, guided by the principle of the ranking of the finalists.

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Source: Suspilne

Ukraine: “We are praying not to win. The second place would be the best ”!

Yaroslav Lodygin, head of Ukrainian public television and a member of this year’s Vidbir jury, gave an interesting interview to The Euro Trip. So, according to what he said with disarming honesty, as the head of the Ukrainian public television, he prays every year that his country will not win the competition, adding that the second place would be the most ideal scenario!

As a singing nation we always want to win, but considering all the budgetary restrictions we are almost in the situation as Iceland in the Eurovision film [The Story of Fire Saga].

As executives we are praying not to win every year.

The last time we won ,in 2017 it was a very big pressure on the company in terms of financing, in terms of interest from controlling bodies of the Ukrainian government, it’s always a big stress.

2nd place would be the best for Ukraine.

For another year, Ukraine is drawing the spotlight on itself and not only for its song. We remind you that the final decision on whether Alina Pash will eventually represent her country in the Eurovision Song Contest will be taken on Friday.

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Ukraine: Decision regarding Alina Pash’s participation postponed for Friday 18/02

It has just been announced that the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Public Television will meet this Friday, February 18th, to decide on the situation that has arisen around the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Supervisory Board of the Public Television of Ukraine, consisting of representatives of the parliamentary parties of the country and responsible for all important decisions of the organization, was convened at a meeting on Friday, February 18th, to discuss developments regarding the participation of Alina Pash, winner of the national final Vidbir for Eurovision 2022.

We remind you that the authenticity of the documents submitted by Alina Pash, regarding her visit to Crimea or Russia, is publicly disputed, about which you can read in detail here.

If it turns out that Alina visited Crimea without permission from the Ukrainian authorities, but from the Russian ones, then her victory in the national final will be canceled, as this is something that is forbidden by the ukrainian regulations.

Therefore, we will find out on Friday if Alina Pash will receive the green light to represent Ukraine in Turin. In case of her cancellation, of course, it remains to be seen whether one of the other finalists will be selected or whether the case of 2019 will be repeated, when Ukraine eventually decided to withdraw from the competition.

Alina Pash won the national final Vidbir 2022 on Saturday 12/02 with the song “Tini zabutykh predkiv (Тіні забутих предків) / Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”.

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Ukraine: Is Alina Pash on the brink of disqualification?

New episode today, for the new circle of the series of Ukraine crisis at Eurovision which has premiered a few hours after the completion of the Ukrainian national final, Vidbir 2022, and has to do again with Alina Pash.

This time the source of the news is the official Instagram account of the public broadcaster of Ukraine for Eurovision, where has been posted that the State Border Service did not issue any documentation regarding entrance in Crimea through the Ukrainian territory, which Alina is supposed to have submitted, according to journalists reporting from the State Border Service.

At this point we are reminding you that the legitimacy of Alina’s documents has been under question two days after her victory at Vidbir 2022, for which you can read more here.

On Saturday 12/2 Alina Pash won the national selection of Ukraine with the entry “Tini zabutykh predkiv  (Тіні забутих предків)/ Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”. 

Do you think that eventually Alina will fly the flag of this long-suffering country in Turin? Will it be an other Vidbir participant or Ukraine will withdraw for the third time from the contest? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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Eurovision is not (again this year) a simple song contest for Ukraine

This year’s participation of Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest, as in other years, has a political connotation. Not as clear as the Crimean Tatar Jamala, who won the 2016 contest singing the sufferings of her people and the persecution suffered by Stalin. However, it is clear enough to send the message inside Ukraine but also to the European public, especially in the countries with which it borders.

Alina Pash, who will represent Ukraine this year, is not just a petite rapper addressing the young audience. As it was not just a pop singer dressed as an Amazon warrior, the winner of Eurovision Ruslana, who then had an active involvement in the political life of her country, promoting the pro-Western wing of Ukraine. Of course, Jamala’s song was not just a melodic ballad – which is why it provoked so many reactions and protests from the apologists for the crimes of the USSR.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky himself comes from the show business, so he knows for a fact the influence it has on the general public, which is sometimes called an electorate. We also remember that he was elected president of a country of 40 million people, having previously starred in a very popular TV series, in which he played the president of the same country.

Zelensky tried – in the first two years of his term – to bridge the gap between the pro-Western majority and the pro-Russian minority, projecting the economic prosperity of the whole country as the main tool of this bridge, for example other countries like Belgium. At the same time ignoring those cultural differences that exist in different parts of Ukraine. Even differences in art and music, which are much more important than one unrelated can assume. For example, a musical instrument for Ukrainians is often not just a musical instrument. And so perhaps in 2020, shortly after Zelensky’s election, something unexpected happened: Kompza singer and organist Marina Krut, despite being a favorite, did not win the domestic competition and did not represent her country at Eurovision. To interpret this we must first refer to what the komba is.

The komba is one of the traditional Ukrainian musical instruments, it has 60 strings and in its traditional use it accompanied the telling of a story, often about the sufferings and adventures of Ukrainian folk heroes. Kombzar is the kompza organ player, the traditional folk troubadour of Ukraine. “Kombzar” is also the name of the main poetry collection of the Ukrainian national poet Taras Shevchenko, which is the “book” of the Ukrainian national consciousness. Every Ukrainian has read “Kombzar” at least once in his life.

Shevchenko himself had been persecuted by the tsarist regime for his “separatist” messages. The Kombzars, who – often former Cossack warriors, blind and ruthless – also roamed the villages of Ukraine, sang stories that reminded Ukrainians of their unique history. Separate from Russia. A story that the “official” Ukraine did not want to exaggerate in 2020.

This year something has changed, not to the extent of Jamala in 2016, but so that instead of the non-political participation in the two previous Eurovisions, Alina Pas appears. It is a representative of a very special region of Ukraine called the Transcarpathians. The picturesque Uzhhorod is more reminiscent of a city in Central Europe. Perhaps because it is geographically within walking distance of three EU countries (Slovakia, Hungary, Poland) and is inhabited by a mixture of ethnicities. All of her appearance, dress, grooming, and – most importantly – the dialect used by Alina Pas is the result of a mixture of all these peoples, which in addition to the Ukrainians includes more than 20 ethnicities, mainly Hungarians, Jews, Romanians, Slovaks, Russians, etc. And the multicultural coexistence of these peoples through their multifaceted involvement is possibly the message that Ukraine wants to send this year.


Ukraine: Drama again in the national final!

Traditionally, the national final of Ukraine is one of the most episodic. This habit could not be missing this year either, since we already have the first complaints and reactions, without even 24 hours having passed since its end.

The Kalush Orchestra alleges fraud

Let’s start from the beginning. The winner in yesterday’s national final was Alina Pash, who with her patriotic song and appearance, had moved from the first moment, appearing as the big favorite for the victory.

Alina scored a total of 15 points, receiving the maximum from the committee and second place in the televoting. The Kalush Orchestra, on the other hand, were first in the public and third in the committee, having 14 points. The band’s manager and leader, Oleh Psyuk, said they were considering going to court, as they believed Alina was third and not second in the televoting.

We suspect that the results of the vote may have been falsified. Alina Pash had received 6 points from the audience and Wellboy – 7. Since the Kalush Orchestra got 8 points from the audience, we would have a draw and win, because, with the same number of votes, the one who gets more points than the public wins. We do not rule out going to court and resolving this issue in court.

The complaints are reinforced by a video that has been circulating on social media since yesterday and in which we see the girl who brings the file with the results, not allowing the video of the document contained in it to be videotaped.

In addition, during the live stream, presenter Timur Miroshnychenko was confused several times in announcing the results to the audience, changing the results he had originally announced. On this issue Yaroslav Lodygin, a member of the jury of Vidbir 2022, said:

During the announcement of the results, the presenter Timur Miroshnychenko was confused, because he received a paper containing many confused numbers. This confusion did not include the points of the first places. As for the results of the votes for the participants, I think we can talk about an independent company that counted them objectively. I do not think it is a secret how many people voted there, how much money was given to calls and messages or that there is a case of reduction of votes. We guarantee that there is no intervention in the results.

Ukrainian public television will soon announce the detailed results, while yesterday’s result has been validated, thus confirming Alina’s victory.

Ukraine is once again politicizing the contest

Apart from the above, there are many who commented that Ukraine is once again politicizing its entry in the competition.

Probably wanting to take advantage of Europe’s sympathy, at a time when Russian troops are literally besieging the country around its borders, Ukraine is sending a song to the competition based on the recipe of Jamala and 1944, which in 2016 brought it victory.

If the title of this year ‘s entry is not enough for you to suspect what you will see and hear – Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, you can take a look at the lyrics of the song:

Hey, come from down the water

Liberate my heart from trouble
Come out from the water, destiny, destiny
All my sisters, all my brothers
Give the drop that all we need
Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, mine and yours
In chronicles, hearts, eyes, blood century after century
Shadows of forgotten ancestors
Clearly here, the call for freedom from water implies the freedom that must come to Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula in the Black Sea, which since 2014 has been occupied by Russian troops.

I’m a girl from a small town

My folks are best described in writings of Dumas
One for all, and all for one
Nowadays, Dante would’ve written the Divine Tragedy
But we need Picasso’s dove, it’s the divine strategy
In my childhood, girls played with toy dolls
But I wrote these words here because my favourite toy
Was a book of Shakespeare
Just like the Brothers Grimm, I’ll leave behind a piece of me
Remember your ancestors
But write your own history

Here Alina appears a descendant of important personalities of Western Europe, without any reference to Russians. In recent years, Ukrainians have emphasized their differences from Russia, and especially in the cultural sphere, acknowledging their origins with the Rus in Kiev, and not as a common cradle, as Moscow claims.

Of course, the finale of the song, with the Ukrainian flag behind Alina, leaves no doubt in the meaning that the Ukrainians want to convey with this participation.

However, despite her episodic victory, Alina Pash is already in second place in the bets for victory in Turin, behind only Italy, giving joy and hope to the Ukrainians for another success in the Eurovision Song Contest, at a time when the drums of war they hit louder than ever.

You can see Alina’s winning appearance below:

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Ukraine: Alina Pash to represent Ukraine in Turin!

The final result result came through the combination of the Ukrainian viewers and jury’s preference a consisting of Tina Karol, Yaroslav Lodygin and Jamala. Both viewers and jury had the 50% of the final result.
Alina Pash won in Jury’s voting, while she came 2nd in televoting.

     1.Cloudless – “All be Alright

     2.Michael Soul – “Demons

     3.Our Atlantic – Moya Lyubov

     4.Barleben – Hear My Words”

     5.Roxolana – “GIRLZZΖZ

     6.Kalush Orchestra – Stefania

     7.Wellboy – “Νozzy Bossy

     8.Alina Pash – “Tini zabutih predkiv/Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”


We remind you that Ukraine participates in the 1st Semifinal on May 10!

Last year they were represented by Go_A and “SHUM“, taking the 5th place with 364 points.

How do you see the choice of Ukraine? Tell us in the comments!

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Ukraine: Vidbir 2022 Final tonight!

Ukraine will choose its representative at Eurovision 2022 tonight. For another year, the state of Eastern Europe will select the artist and the song that will represent it in this year’s Contest through a national final.


Eight artists are taking part in the Vidbir 2022 final, with the big winner getting a ticket to Turin.

The contestants are:

  1. Cloudless – “All be Alright
  2. Michael Soul – “Demons
  3. Our Atlantic – Moya Lyubov
  4. Barleben – Hear My Words”
  5. Roxolana – “GIRLZZΖZ
  6. Kalush Orchestra – Stefania
  7. Wellboy – “Νozzy Bossy
  8. Alina Pash – “Tini zabutih predkiv/Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”

The final result will be judged by 50% by the preference of Ukrainian viewers and by 50% by the preference of the jury consisting of Tina Karol, Yaroslav Lodygin and Jamala.

Presenters of Vidbir 2022 will be Timur Miroshnychenko and Masha Efrosinina.

The grand final of Vidbir 2022 will start at 17:30 CET and will last four hours. You can watch it on the frequency of UA:PBC, by clicking HERE.

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