Czech Republic: National Final Canceled- Online competition for its next representative in Eurovision 2020

While what we knew so far that the Czech Republic would stage a national tv final on January 25, with eight songs competing for representation in Rotterdam, insurmountable obstacles seem to have forced the public broadcaster (ČT)  to cancel it and opt in for ESC 2020 online.

Through a Facebook announcement, ČT states:

“The national final will not be televised. Yes, so … after a few weeks and after a very difficult decision, the return to the national television final is postponed to next years (next, next year?) Due to many, many difficulties. We want to do something really different, and this year we thought it wouldn’t work the way we dreamed it would. We are returning to the online form of the competition as the previous two years. BUT … But don’t worry, we are doing our best to make the upcoming national finals online, so check out our online platforms for more information”

The dates for the ČT online national final for the Eurovision Song are:

-06.01.2020 Press conference and announcement of the eight finalists.
-13.01.2020 Release of songs and start voting.
-26.01.2020 End of voting and announcement of winner within a week.

In Tel Aviv the Czech Republic was represented by Lake Malawi with the song “A Friend Of A Friend”, which took the eleventh position with 157 points. It was the second best place in the Czech Republic after Mikolas Josef’s sixth place in 2018.

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