Cyprus: Through a talent show the representative at Eurovision 2023!

Literally a bomb is what was revealed by the CEO of PANIK Records, G. Arsenakos. According to what he mentions in his interview with Esquire magazine, PANIK and RIK have agreed on a new talent show, through which the representative in Eurovision 2023 will emerge!

Although we still do not have any official information about the Cypriot representation in Eurovision 2022, we recently learned the procedure that RIK will follow for the selection of the artist in Eurovision 2023!

I can say that we as Panik have talked to RIK, the state channel of Cyprus, and we will take over the representation of the country in Eurovision in 2023. So whoever wins in the new talent show, which we are preparing, will represent Cyprus in Eurovision in 2023. I consider it a very strong prize, which will bring very good entries.

PANIK’s cooperation with RIK seems to be strengthening and will continue in the contest, for at least two more years.

We are looking forward to the developments for the Cypriot participation in both Eurovision 2022 and in this ambitious new project.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Cypriot participation in our favorite song contest!

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