Norway: Amanda Tenfjord on the Headline of the Norwegian media!!

Since 15:00 CET, Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord has been announced as the Greek representative at Eurovision Song Contest 2022, the upcoming May, at Turin Italy.

The big news had an imminent impact that reached media abroad, including Norway, the country where Amanda lives in and pursues her carrer.

In particular, the news made headlines on Norway’s largest news sites, from NRK‘s public broadcaster to Dagbladet, one of Norway’s largest tabloids, with 1,400,000 daily mobile readers.

  • Norway’s public broadcaster NRK

  • Trodheim biggest news site, where Amanda attends Medical School

  • Norway’s biggest Eurovision site

  • The biggest newspaper of Norway, based in Oslo

  • One of Norway’s biggest tabloids with over 1,4 million readers

  • The biggest newspaper and site of Norway

  • Ålesund local newspaper


The aforementioned headlines show that the interest of the Norwegian media about Amanda is already significant, making us already hoping for a high point from the public televoting of Norway, at least.

Stay focused on for the latest news regarding Greece and the rest of the 40 nations competing at the upcoming contest in Turin Italy 2022.

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