BREAKING NEWS: ERT announced a demoscopic jury for the selection of its Eurovision 2023 entry!

A few minutes before, the president of ERT, Konstantinos Zoulas, revealed on the Studio 4 show, the way the final selection of the Greek entry in Eurovision 2023 will be made! For the first time in history of the Greek Eurovision selections, a demoscopic jury will be used, with age criteria, which will be drawn by lottery and which, together with the special seven-member committee of ERT, will choose the song that will represent Greece in Liverpool.

  • The changes announced by the President of ERT can be coded as follows:
  • Next week there will be an announcement-invitation to those citizens who are interested in participating in the enlarged citizens’ committee, to select the Greek entry.
  • The members of this jury will be more than 50.
  • The composition of the jury will be based on age criteria.
  • More of the younger age groups and fewer of the older ones will participate.
  • The selection of the members of this committee will be done by electronic lottery, which will also be broadcast live, for reasons of credibility.
  • The final selection of the Greek entry will be made jointly by the citizens’ committee and by the special committee of ERT.
  • The citizens’ committee will go to ERT headquarters to listen to the songs with headphones and evaluate them. (This avoids the risk of leakage)
  • The citizens’ committee will determine 50.6% of the decision and the ERT committee 49.4%, exactly as will now be the case in the Eurovision final.
  • The two committees will evaluate a small number of songs, those selected as the best by the seven-member ERT committee.
  • No ERT employee will participate in the citizens’ committee.

ERT listening fully to the changes decided by the EBU for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, opens the selection process for the first time after 2017, allowing the public to participate in the decision.

It is not a national final, but it is a process quite close to the standards used by other countries, such as Switzerland, Austria, Germany in the past, etc. Spain also uses a demoscopic jury at Benidorm Fest and Italy at Sanremo.

Stay tuned at Eurovisionfun for more updates!

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