Greece: These are the results of the vote of the Audience Jury!

Yesterday, Wednesday 28/12, the 70 members of the Audience Jury heard for the first time the 7 candidate songs of ERT for Eurovision 2023. In a well-organized process by all accounts, we also have a first fairly reliable picture of the voting results. Eurovisionfun having contacted many of the committee members, but also from social media posts, related forums and groups dealing with the Eurovision contest, we are able to reveal to you the results of the voting.

So, based on all the above, the three songs that are leading in the Audience Jury’s rating are the following:

  • Melissa Mantzoukis – Liar
  • Klavdia – Holy Water
  • Victor Vernicos – What they say

We may not know the exact order of the above three songs, but without any doubt they are the three songs that the Audience Committee singled out and were first in their preferences.

On the other hand, the three songs that seem to be in the last three places of preference of the Audience Committee are the following:

  • Monika – I’m Proud
  • Konstantina Iosifidou – We’re young
  • Antonia Kaouri & Maria Maragou – Shout out

Right in the middle of the preferences, it seems, is the participation of Leon of Athens – Somewhere to go.

Η επιτροπή κοινού κατά τη διάρκεια της ακρόασης των 7 τραγουδιών

Similar results to those of the Audience Committee were also given by our readers, where with more than 2,000 different votes, they have approximately the same ranking in their preferences. You can see the results of our Poll HERE.

We remind you that the vote of the Audience Jury constitutes 50.6% of the final result, with 49.4% determined by the seven-member jury of ERT.

Immediately after the New Year, the artists and their groups will meet the artistic committee and the management of ERT in separate appointments, in order to present their plans for the stage appearance, the promotion of the song, etc., if they are selected. The artistic committee will then give their own score, where combined with the score of the Audience Committee, they will determine the artist and the song that will represent Greece in Liverpool. The announcement is expected by mid-January.

Stay tuned at Eurovisionfun for all the updates!

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