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United Kingdom: The Video Version of “I Wrote A Song” is now released on Spotify!

Mae Muller is the British representative for Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool with the song “I Wrote A Song“. The British entry was officially released on the 9th of March on Spotify with a slightly different version in comparison with the one on the official video that you can stream on YouTube.

Today, Mae Muller released on Spotify the Video Version of her Eurovision entry with a slightly different intro as well as extended bridge.

At the moment, it is unknown which version we will see Muller perform on Liverpool stage. Although, bearing in mind her live performance on Barcelona Eurovision Party the past Saturday, she might perform the Video Version of “I Wrote A Song“.

You can also watch the reaction of EurovisionFun on this year’s British entry below:

United Kingdom as a hosting nation and a member of the BIG 5 performs directly in the Grand Final on the 13th of May, allocated to perform 26th.

Stay tuned on EurovisionFun for more news regarding the British entry for Eurovision 2023!

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