United Kingdom: Numerous Eurovision 2023 Songs Dominate the UK Charts!

Now that this year’s Eurovision is over,the Eurovision contestant are able to reap the benefits of their participation in the world’s biggest song contest.The Eurovision Songs that are taking over the European charts are growing at an impressive rate,with an array of them entering the Official UK Charts,which is quite a notable milestone.

In particular,four of this year’s Eurovision Songs have entered the top 10 of this week’s UK chart: “Tattoo” at #2,“Cha Cha Cha” at #6,“I Wrote A Song” at #9 and “Queen of Kings” at #10.Loreen’s entry “Tattoo” is now the second-highest non-domestic Eurovision entry to enter the chart (after Johny Logan’s “Hold me Now”,which charted atop the Official 100),making this her highest charting entry after “Euphoria” charting at #3.

Finland’s Käärijä achieved another important breakthrough with his entry “Cha Cha Cha” being the first Finnish song ever to enter the charts.

The country’s representative Mae Muller charted at #9,achieving her highest entry in the chart ever,with the top 10 being completed by Norway’s Alessandra and her song “Queen of Kings”

You can check all the songs that entered this week’s chart here:

  • #2 Loreen (Sweden)
  • #6 Kaarija (Finland)
  • #9 Mae Muller (United Kingdom)
  • #10 Alessandra Mele (Norway)
  • #45 Noa Kirel (Israel)
  • #48 Salena & Teya (Austria)
  • #56 Blanka (Poland)
  • #63 Gustaph (Belgium)
  • #79 Voyager (Australia)
  • #92 Alex Lambrou (Cyprus)
  • #94 La Zarra (France)
  • #95 Tvorchi (Ukraine)

This year’s Eurovision featured 37 participants with the winner country being Sweden,represented by Loreen and her song “Tattoo”,which won her 583 points.This marks the seventh win for the Scandinavian Nation,tying on the top with Ireland.


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Eurovision 2023: King Charles and the Queen Consort revealed the stage of the contest!

In Liverpool -the host city of Eurovision 2023- , today the royal couple of the United Kingdom attend to events that are related to the Eurovision Song Contest. One of them was the unveiling of the stage, which is ready to welcome in a few days the 37 participants of this year’s contest for the first technical rehearsals.

The stage of Eurovision 2023 has already taken shape, while these days the stand-in rehearsals are also taking place, so that everything is ready for the technical rehearsals and according to the plans that the organizers have already received from the missions of 37 countries competing this year.

The royal couple will also tour the M&S Arena. They will meet the creative team, the presenters of the contest and this year’s British contestant, Mae Muller.

The BBC has revealed via Twitter the moment that the royal couple flip the switch and the Eurovision stage comes to life oficially for the first time. The stage is flooded with light and glitter.

It’s the first time we’ve seen this year’s stage in action, giving us a small taste of what it’s capable of, which we will be looking at in more detail in the next days.

The royal family are heavily involved in Eurovision 2023, as the contest come to British soil for the first time after 25 years with the last time taking place in 1998 in Birmingham.

Now, Eurovision 2023 takes place in Liverpool following Sam Ryder’s 2nd place in Eurovision 2022. The winner was Ukraine but due to the war, Ukraine wasn’t able to host.

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UK: Mae Muller releases “I Wrote A Song” Remix

This morning the remix version of I Wrote A Song was released. For the remix version of her Eurovision song Mae Muller collaborates with Swiss singer Vendredi sur Mer, who sings the second verse of the song in French.

The remix version of I Wrote A Song is also available on Spotify:

I Wrote A Song has received a positive reception just a month and a half after its release.  It has made over 5 million streams on Spotify.  It also entered the UK charts in the first days after its release.  This has not happened for a Eurovision song in the UK since 2011.

Mae Muller is representing the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.  As a Big 5 member and host country she will perform I Wrote A Song in the Grand Final.  Mae Muller will perform in 26th place during the final.

You can also watch our reaction by the Eurovisionfun team for the UK entry in the video embedded below:


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United Kingdom: “I Wrote A Song” was written before the Eurovision proposal!

Mae Muller, the British representative for Eurovision 2023, was interviewed this morning by the hosts of This Morning show. There she talked about the procedure under which she was chosen, her exhausting rehearsal schedule, as well as her feelings about Eurovision.

According to Muller, the rehearsal schedule is tight but she seems happy and excited about the whole experience:

It is an honor representing the United Kingdom. It is surreal but I’m taking every day as it comes and it’s a lot of fun.

I’m rehearsing a lot, the preparation is wild and we have these pre-parties. I’m feeling ready now but I feel like by the 13th of May I’m going to be like locked in.

Bearing in mind that Mae Muller knows that she is UK’s next representative for 3 months, the hostess is wondering how Mae did not spill her secret, as she is a massive over-sharer.

I really had to make a cruise effort, i had to breathe through it. I was like Mae, don’t ruin this. I did tell my mom and dad because it would have been weird reading that in the news.

Some friends messaged me on the day and they were like “WHAT???” and I was like “Sorry”.

I Wrote A Song” was written before she was proposed to be the next British Eurovision participant.

It was like stars aligned because after two or three days, I met with my management and they were like, “what do you feel about Eurovision?”. They heard the song and they really did liked it. They wanted an answer like then and there. I was like, that’s exciting…yeah!

When I found out about Eurovision, I put my little Eurovision hat on and added a spoken word, that wasn’t in the song before. I thought it would be nice to have a moment where I could really like connect with people, because it is a big stage and i wanted an intimate moment. So, I went in and re-wrote it like 4-5 times.

The song has already won people’s hearts, admits Muller.

The people seem to be really enjoying it, are dancing to it and feel empowered, which is all I was asking for.

Regarding the story behind “I Wrote A Song“:

My way of dealing with things, whether it’s a heartbreak or a loss, is through writing, as it is empowering to me. You go through revenge and then you come out actually feeling empowered. That was my vision.

It seems that it was also the right moment for her to take on such a big project.

I have definitely had experiences that have helped me feel more prepared. If this was like 3 or 4 years ago, I genuinely feel like I just wouldn’t have felt ready. I think now with the experience I have had, although I don’t think anything can truly prepare you for that Eurovision wildness. I feel like I definitely have the tools now.

Moreover, she seems excited to be succeeding Sam Ryder, because Sam managed to change the whole perspective of the United Kingdom on Eurovision and this year there is a much more positive spirit.

About her outfit on Liverpool, she mentions:

This has been an ongoing conversation. Of course we know but it is just the final tweaks and it has to be right. I mean it’s one of my favorite things is figuring out the looks.

You can also watch the reaction of EurovisionFun on this year’s British entry below:

United Kingdom as a hosting nation and a member of the BIG 5 performs directly in the Grand Final on the 13th of May, allocated to perform 26th.

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United Kingdom: The Video Version of “I Wrote A Song” is now released on Spotify!

Mae Muller is the British representative for Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool with the song “I Wrote A Song“. The British entry was officially released on the 9th of March on Spotify with a slightly different version in comparison with the one on the official video that you can stream on YouTube.

Today, Mae Muller released on Spotify the Video Version of her Eurovision entry with a slightly different intro as well as extended bridge.

At the moment, it is unknown which version we will see Muller perform on Liverpool stage. Although, bearing in mind her live performance on Barcelona Eurovision Party the past Saturday, she might perform the Video Version of “I Wrote A Song“.

You can also watch the reaction of EurovisionFun on this year’s British entry below:

United Kingdom as a hosting nation and a member of the BIG 5 performs directly in the Grand Final on the 13th of May, allocated to perform 26th.

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United Kingdom: Listen to “I Wrote A Song”, from Mae Muller for Eurovision 2023!

After months of speculations and crazy theories, about a very popular artist from the international music industry that could bring UK’s 6th win in their own home, we finally know the next representative of The United Kingdom for Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool.

As it was announced some moments ago from the BBC, Mae Muller will represent the country in this year edition with the song “I Wrote A Song”.

Below you listen to the official UK entry from Eurovision 2023:

Who is Mae Muller?

Mae Muller is a 25 years old artist from Kentish Town, London.  After building a dedicated fan base with a consistent singles output, she compiled previous EPs into her 2019 debut mini-album, Chapter 1. In 2021, her song “Better Days” (with Neiked and Polo G) landed in the Top 40 on multiple continents, and reached number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100. She followed it up with singles like “American Psycho” and “I Just Want to Dance” in 2022.

On 3 March 2023, she released a single in collaboration with Sigala, Caity Baser and Stefflon Don called “Feels So Good”. This will shortly be followed up by her solo single “I Wrote A Song“.


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Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Mulla ✨ (@maemuller)

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UK: Rina Sawayama will NOT represent the UK at Eurovision 2023

British Japanese singer Rina Sawayama will not represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will take place in Liverpool after Sam Ryder finished in second place.  Last year’s winner, Ukraine was unable to meet the EBU demands to host the Festival.

It is still not clear who will wave the British flag representing the host country though.  However, there was an unfounded rumour that BRIT nominee Rina Sawayama would be the chosen one.

The rumour originates from TikTok and is based on the singer’s European tour.  Rina Sawayama does not  have any scheduled event between 27th February and the 16th of June.  This would be enough time to prepare to rehearse and participate in Eurovision related activities before the Grand Final which will take place in May 13, 2023.

Unfortunately for the fans of the Hold the Girl singer, this gap is not related to the Eurovision Song Contest.  According to a source from Radio Times, this overlap is purely coincidental.

The BBC is yet to confirm who will represent the host country in Liverpool.

Source: RadioTimes

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United Kingdom: The BBC ready to take over the organization for Eurovision 2024!

In the latest episode of the Euro Trip podcast, Eurovision 2023 executive producer Andrew Cartmell was a guest.

The producer of this year’s contest spoke about the preparations for the event which will take place in May in Liverpool, the plans for the selection of the next participation of the United Kingdom, but also the intention to undertake the event again for 2024!

“We are now in the production phase of the three live shows. The most important thing – regardless of the final result – is the quality of the performance and the song.

Of course we would like to get along. It would be amazing to be in the top ten or top five, why not win? We have to do this every year. We have to go in wanting to win. Nobody says, ‘Don’t win it, you can’t host it twice.”

The 67th Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Liverpool and more specifically at the M&S Bank Arena.

The first Semi-Final will be played on Tuesday 9 May, the second Semi-Final on Thursday 11 May and the Grand Final on Saturday 13 May 2023.

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Jamala: “It would be “fair” for the UK to host Eurovision 2023”

Eurovision 2016 winner Jamala has backed Eurovision 2023 being hosted in the United Kingdom, if the contest cannot be held in Ukraine. However, the Ukrainian singer, who triumphed with her song “1944”, said that the EBU’s decision to not hold next year’s contest in Ukraine is “premature” and “very painful”.

In an interview with PA News, Jamala said that the United Kingdom would be “fair” hosts of Eurovision 2023 after Sam Ryder finished runner-up at this year’s contest. His entry “Space Man” brought home the UK’s best result in the contest since 1998. Jamala even added her praises for Sam Ryder, saying that his entry was “really, really, really good”.

“Great Britain came second in the competition, so if Ukraine is unwilling to host the event for whatever reason, it would be fair to hold it in one of your cities [in the UK]”

The 2016 Eurovision winner did also add that the decision by the EBU that Eurovision 2023 cannot be held in Ukraine was “sad” and “very painful”. However, Jamala said that she understands that the contest must be held in a safe location for all delegates and fans.

“It’s really sad the EBU decided to take away all this chance and all this hope, but I really understand that it has to be in a peaceful place for participants and for everybody.”

Ukraine won the right to host the contest after Kalush Orchestra’s win in Turin with “Stefania”, but The UK has been offered the chance to host Eurovision in 2023 after the song contest’s organisers concluded that Ukraine is not capable of hosting it, a decision that has angered the nation’s government, which says it still wants to hold the event.

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UK: Sam Ryder ready to support national selection for 2023

He gave the United Kingdom its best results in more than two decades on Eurovision and he has not stopped since then.  Sam Ryder performed recently at the Platinum Jubileum Concert.  He met the royal family and even talked with them about his participation in Turin.  In an interview for People magazine, Sam said Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton watched with  Prince William this year’s Eurovision.

I said ‘hello’ to Kate, and she was asking about the performance.  She is so kind and said that the royal family had all been supporting me for a while and all throughout Eurovision.  Then Princess Beatrice came over and had a chat with us too. (…)  What I gather is a lot of the members of the royal family had seen Eurovision and were supporting my song from home, which means a lot.

Just one month after his participation the question keeps coming on: will Sam represent the United Kingdom again?  According to Sam Ryder, he is not planning to repeat his Eurovision journey in the near future.  However, he wants to support his country to find the right candidate for 2023.  Talking to The Mirror, Sam said that he would like to participate in the finding of his successor.

I just want more people to experience it…The more people that do, the more it will become engrained in the UK’s attitude that Eurovision is something that we are so lucky to have.

Sam Ryder won the jury vote for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.  He also won the Marcel Bezençon Award in the press category.  However, he ended up in second place in the Grand Final behind Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra.  The UK representative said he agreed with the final score.  Moreover, he celebrated Ukraine for its victory in Eurovision this year.

“I think it’s so important because that’s what Eurovision to me has always been about. Since I’ve been a kid, I’ve been a fan of it for years, it’s about standing for something and showing solidarity and kindness, and it was important to use that platform for everyone to just get behind them. And those guys are wicked, the song is also a banger, it gives me massive Beastie Boys vibes and I just couldn’t be happier for them.”

Would you like to see Sam Ryder participating in Eurovision in the future?

Source: Eurovoix, MSN