Eurovision 2024: Netta predicts the host city wrong for yet another time!

A few hours ago, Malmö was crowned the host city of Eurovision Song Contest 2024, through the social media accounts of the contest

The final decision was made between four cities, alongside Stockholm and Gothenburg, both of them previous host cities.

Of course, the winner of Eurovision 2018, Netta, couldn’t miss on commenting on the selection of the city. We could say that it’s now become a tradition for Netta to predict (wrong) the host city of the next contest. Netta’s previous predictions are:

  • For 2019 she predicted Jerusalem, but in the the host city was Tel Aviv
  • For 2021 she predicted Amsterdam , but in the the host city was Rotterdam
  • For 2022 she predicted Rome, but in the the host city was Turin
  • For 2023 she predicted Manchester but in the the host city was Liverpool

Just some time after the announcement of Malmö as the host city, a short video that shows Netta, moments after her performance on the Grand Final, predicting the host city of Eurovision 2024, was posted on Twitter.

As we can all guess, Netta of course didn’t predict Malmö. Instead she put her bet on Stockholm.

As we can see, Netta predicted the host city wrong for the fifth time in a row. Will she be able to turn the tables next year?

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