Cyprus: RIK and artistic team are in feverish preparations!

Τhe Cypriot team is doing some major preparations, as they want to have everything prepared ahead of time for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, wanting to present the most competitive and professional entry possible, once more.

The Song is Reaching Its Final Form

The song with which Silia Kapsis wil represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2024 is almost ready to shine, as its just some steps before the Final Mixing. The previous weeks, Dimitris Kontopoulos finalised the production of the song, in a famous studio abroad, along his colleagues. The song has become even more dynamic, in order to make the most out of Silia’s dancing and vocal skills, and make the greatest impression on stage.

Kelly Sweeney and Guy Groove started making the Choreography

The famous choreographers that RIK selected to be on Silia’s side in the contest, have already received the song and are now in a creative phase. According to our information, they were excited by the song, and by having already worked with Silia in the past, they know what she is capable of, so they’re making a choreography of great demands, in order to make the track shine on stage.

Right after Christmas, Silia is going to Los Angeles, where she is going to stay for about a week, for the first rehearsals with her choreographers.

Impressive LEDs for Silia’s performance

Except for the choreography, the artistic team is preparing the LEDs that will accompany Silia’s performance in our screens. The concept is already in the making, and in the coming days, the Ukrainian company that also made the LEDs of Stefania and Amanda in the past, will be in charge of developing everything.

What we can say, as of now, is that the LEDs will be a major part in Silia’s performance and we are sure that even the most skeptical viewer will be mesmerised by the result.

What’s Coming next?

Immediately after her trip to Los Angeles, Silia Kapsis will return to Cyprus for some interviews, but also to shoot the music vdeo, which thiswill take place exclusively on the island this time. After the end of the filming of the music video, she is coming for a permanent stay in Greece, where she will make some more appearences in the media of our country. The song is expected to be released at the end of February/beginning of March, of course through RIK.

Silia will stay in Athens until the beginning of May, for the latest rehearsals until the contest.

The Cypriot delegation continues with a well-organized plan, their preparations for Eurovision 2024, always keeping a low profile, but hoping that it will manage to impress and find themselves even higher in the ranking table, higher than the 12th place, of the impressive Andrew Lambrou last year.

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Cupriot participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, in Malmö!

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