Eurovision: Which entry from the previous decade is slowly dominating the charts right now?

It a common scenario for songs participating at the Eurovision Song Contest to become so popular, even managing to rise to the top of the charts all around the globe.

One of the most notable examples is “Snap“, by Rosa Linn which represented Armenia in 2022 and despite finishing in the 20th place of the scoreboard, has emerged to a huge success in charts around the world, currently counting nearly 900 million streams on Spotify.

But which entry from decade before has now started to step in Rosa Linn’s footsteps?

Sunstroke Project’s Run Away is taking over the planet

It is no other than Sunstroke Project’sRun Away“, which has achieved phenomenal success during the last month.

Specifically, the group revealed on their personal Instagram account that “Run Away” peaked at No. 9 on Shazam’s Global Top 200 chart.



The Global Top 200 tracks the songs that have been Shazamed the most around the world. Run Away is currently ranked 13th.

It is currently ranked 40th in the US Top 200 and 54th in Australia, and it is also ranked in the top ten in the United States. The song has received over 2,093,000 Shazams in total.


  • no. 2 – in Peru
  • no. 4 – in Ecuador
  • no. 5 – in Chile
  • no. 7 – in Argentina
  • no. 9 – in Venezuela
  • no. 10 – in Mexico

Additionally, Run Away has debuted on the iTunes charts! It peaked at position 79 in Australia. In December 2023, the song peaked at number 21 in Italy, number 52 in Spain, number 67 in France, and number 79 globally.

The song is undoubtedly Moldova’s most iconic entry to the Eurovision Song Contest. Sunstroke Project sang the song alongside Moldovan singer Olia Tira. In fact, it is not the first time that “Run Away” has become viral. Epic Sax Guy went viral for his sax solo during the performance in Oslo.

Run Away consistently ranks among the top 20 songs with the most views on the competition’s YouTube channel, despite placing 22nd in the Eurovision 2010 Grand Final.

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Poland: The Polish Eurovision Party 2023 is today!

Today, for the second year in a row, the Polish Eurovision Party 2023 will take place in Warsaw. The hosts of the evening will be Poli Genova (Bulgaria 2011 & 2016) and Konrad Zemlik (the organizer of the event).

At this year’s Polish pre-party, twenty-five artists will appear, who are participating in this year’s Eurovision or have participated in the past.

The Eurovision 2023 entrants who will perform tonight are:

  • Albina & Familija Kelmendi – Albania
  • Alika – Estonia
  • Diljá – Iceland
  • Joker Out – Slovenia
  • Let 3 – Croatia
  • Mae Muller – United Kingdom
  • Monika Linkytė – Lithuania
  • Pasha Parfeni – Moldova
  • Piqued Jacks – San Marino
  • Reiley – Denmark
  • Sudden Lights – Latvia
  • The Busker – Malta
  • Vesna – Czechia
  • Wild Youth – Ireland

The remaining sixteen artists who will accompany this year’s participants are:

  • Anne-Marie David – Winner of Eurovision 1973 with Luxembourg
  • Eye Cue – North Macedonia 2018
  • Felivers – Tu bije serce Europy 2023 (Polish National Final)
  • Filip Baloš – Pesma za Evroviziju ’23 (Serbian National Final)
  • Gromee – Poland 2018
  • Inis Neziri – Festivali i Këngës 56 & 59 (Albanian National Final)
  • Krystian Ochman – Poland 2022
  • Kuba Szmajkowski – Tu bije serce Europy 2022 & 2023
  • Lindsay Dracass – United Kingdom 2001
  • Melovin – Ukraine 2018
  • Oceana – Unser Song für Dänemark
  • Poli Genova – Bulgaria 2011 & 2016
  • Senhit – San Marino 2011, 2020 & 2021
  • Slavko – Montenegro 2017
  • Sunstroke Project – Moldova 2010, 2017
  • Viki Gabor – Winner of Junior Eurovision 2019 with Poland


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Moldova: Etapa Naţională 2023 running order released!

The running order for the Grand Final of Etapa Naţională 2023 was announced today.

10 acts are still competing to represent Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool.  The national final will take place in March 04, 2023 on TV Moldova 1.  The winner of Etapa Naţională will depend on the jury and public voting both representing 50% of the total score.

Here is the running order of the Moldovan national final:

  1. Donia – “Red Zone”
  2. OL – “Why You Play It Cool”
  3. Victor Gulick – “Let’s Dance”
  4. Surorile Osoianu – “Bade, bădişor, bădiţă” (Bathe, little boy, little girl)
  5. COSMINA – “Indestructible”
  6. NÖRDIKA – “Damn and Down”
  7. Aliona Moon – “Du-mă” (Go)
  8. Sunstroke Project – “Yummy Mommy”
  9. Pasha Parfeni – “Soarele şi luna” (The sun and the moon)
  10. Corina Ivanov – “When Love’s Real”

Zdob şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers represented Moldova in Eurovision 2022 with the song Trenulețul.  The song ended in 7th place in the Grand Final with 253 points receiving the second highest result from the televote, only behind Ukraine.

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Moldova: Listen to the songs competing in the country’s national final!

The public broadcaster of Moldova, namely TRM, has already confirmed that they are going to choose their representative and song for Eurovision 2023 through a national final.

Just some time ago, TRM announced the 33 participants of the national final and revealed their competing songs:

  1. Formaţia Vele – “Jocul neamului moldovenesc”
  2. Corina Ivanov – “When Love’s Real”
  3. NÖRDIKA – “Skueeze Paradise”
  4. Nihilist & Lisa Nicky –  “Final Destination”
  5. NÖRDIKA –  “Damn and down”
  6. Victor Gulick –  ”Let’s Dance”
  7. Donia –  “Red Zone”
  8. Surorile Osoianu –  “Bade, bădişor, bădiţă”
  9. OL –  “Why You Play It Cool”
  10. Adelina Iordachi –  “Deja Vu”
  11. Nikko T. –  “Destiny”
  12. Y-Limit –  “Live in Harmony”
  13. Crista –  “Pădure verde pădure”
  14. Sunstroke Project –  “Yummy Mommy”
  15. NR 11 –  “Adio”
  16. VERA –  “Vremea ta”
  17. Massimo Sinceri –  “In Questo Domani”
  18. Sasha Bognibov –  “My Favourite Schoolgirl”
  19. Rise – “Don’t trumble”
  20. Lisa Volk –  “Scrisoare către ţară”
  21. ADA DEEA – “Mystic Rose”
  22. COSMINA –  “Indestructible”
  23. Angel Kiss –  “Now I Know”
  24. Gesica Sîrbu –  “I’m in love”
  25. Aliona Moon –  “Du-mă”
  26. Tania Pituşcan –  “Mioriţa”
  27. Pasha Parfeni –  “Soarele şi luna”
  28. Ricky Ardezianu –  “Una rosa rossa”
  29. Harmony Scuffle –  “Favourite One”
  30. Valeria Condrea –  “We’re now different”
  31. LOLA –  “Temperatura”
  32. Diana Elmas –  “Miracle”
  33. Nino –  “It would be nice”

In the the 33 participants we can see well-known names such as previous representatives of Moldova, Pasha Parfeni (Eurovision 2012), Aliona Moon (Eurovision 2013) and Sunstroke Project (Eurovision 2010, 2017) as well as previous contestants of Moldovan national finals such as VERA (O melodie pentru Europa 2019).

Another interesting information, is that Mike Connaris’ song, with which Cynthia Verazie submitted to the Greek broadcaster ERT for Eurovision 2023, will now take part in Moldova’s national final, performed by Corina Ivanov!

Some of the songs have already being released, however you can listen to all of them in the official Moldovan website about Eurovision Song Contest, by clicking HERE.

What’s next for the Moldovan national final

  1. Examination of submissions 
  2. The live auditions of the artists
  3. The final audition
  4. The National Final

The Live Auditions will take place on January 28 ,in the studios of the Moldovan Public Television. The auditions will be broadcasted live on the television channel Moldova 2 and on its website, as well as on

The score of the audition will be decided solely by the jury. The composition of the judging team will be made public only on the day of the respective stage. The jury will consist of an odd number of members (minimum 3, maximum 5) and will be different from the one in the National Final.  

Likewise, on January 28, Moldova 1 television station will host a special edition about the live auditions with the participation of experts in the field and members of the jury. In this edition, the list of finalists will be announced. In accordance with the rules, the first 10 contestants, who will accumulate the highest score in the live auditions, will compete in the National Final.

But until we learn who is going to represent Moldova in Eurovision 2023, lets remember their song for last year’s contest.  Last year, Moldova was represented by Zdob şi Zdub and the Advahov Brothers for the first time with the song “Trenuleţul” which finished in 7th place in the Grand Final while also managing to secure the 2nd place in the televote:

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Moldova: Sunstroke Project submitted a song for the country’s National Final!

About a month ago, TVM, the public broadcaster of Moldova confirmed that the submission of entries for Eurovision 2023 has begun. As it seems, Moldova is going to return to a national final selection in order to choose their represnetative for this year’s contest. Read more

Spain: Watch all the live performances of the artists at the Barcelona Eurovision Party 2022!

Last night the first Eurovision Party took place successfully at the Sala Apolo in Barcelona. More than 18 eurostars attended the Barcelona Eurovision Party 2022. It was the first Eurovision event on Spanish soil, not forgetting that in a few days the PrePartyES will also take place in Madrid.

The hosts of the event were Sharone and Giuseppe di Bella!

Below you can watch their performances:

What do you think of the Eurovision Party in Barcelona?
Which performance is your favourite? Feel free to tell us in the comments below!
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