Greece: ERT’s response regarding Kalomira

Scenarios about a possible return of the Greek Eurovision 2008 entrant Kalomira, has been spread around in various Eurovision sites since yesterday. The EurovisionFun team has done its research and can now confirm that this is not the case.
The statement of the popular artist’s manager, as well as what the responsible person told us at ERT, absolutely confirms our report.

ERT’s response


Despite the fact that the sources of our reportage were categorical, saying that there was no meeting between Kalomoira and the people of ERT, we, in order to avoid any doubt, turned to the most competent person for the competition on Greek public television . He is none other than the Director of International Relations of ERT, a Eurovision-based directorate, according to the company’s internal regulations.

Asking whether a meeting took place between ERT and Kalomira on 16/11, Ms. Koufopoulou, who has been in Egypt for business purposes, replied:

“You find me very far from Greece at this moment. But since you bothered to ask, I did not meet and did not have conversations with anyone. Thank you.”

It is worth noting that at this point that the new administration of ERT will officially take over from Monday 19/11. So no one in ERT could talk to any artist about our representation at Eurovision 2019.

The manager of Kalomira denies as well

In exclusive statements on, Kalomira’s manager also denies these rumors, saying that the competition was of interest to Kalomira this year in 2018, completing ten years from her last participation and what was written does not apply:

“It is not true what was written. Kalomira was interested in 2018 because that would  be 10 years from her first engagement, but she could not do it due to family responsibilities.”

Grigoris Melas denies as well

If someone has proven to be valid on the Eurovision issue, with real sources and information from ERT, that’s the journalist Grigoris Melas. To ensure ourselves, we asked the specialist if the Kalomira scenarios bear the slightest of truth. We received the following answer:

“No connection to reality. We are about to hear a lot of rumors at this stage.”

Unfortunately, the chance to see Kalomira Sarantis back again on the Eurovision stage does not seem visible, though it would be a very good choice and maybe ERT should consider it.

Stay with us at EurovisionFun for information about Greece’s participation in Eurovision 2019.

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