Greece: Is Kalomoira returning to Eurovision 2019?

As a bomb the news fell that our beloved Kalomira Sarantis met with senior ERT executives on 16/11 to discuss the possibility of her return to the Eurovision scene next May as the representative of Greece.

According to, Kalomira reserved to respond but talks were in a positive way. Of course, such news could not help us but make our own research about it.

Is Kalomoira representing Greece at Eurovision 2019?

Unfortunately, even if we wanted such a possibility, our information is categorical and deny the news.

By the time this article was written, no meeting of ERT and Kalomoira’s people took place.

Of course, despite the fact that in a previous interview, Kalomira stated that she would not rejoin the contest since she did not participate this year, which was the 10th anniversary of her first participation, though this does not mean that she can no longer review and to be interested in her return to the stage of Eurovision.

ERT wants to end bad results

What is certain is ERT’s intention in 2019 to do well in Tel Aviv. This means that all the possible names that can justify an internal selection will be targeted. The wish of the people of ERT, as we wrote in a previous article, is Tamta, which is currently holding a standstill and being besieged by CyBc.

Kalomira would be an ideal choice, as all of Europe still remembers her explosive performance with her song My Secret Combination, which brought Greece to third place in the Eurovision 2008. We will keep a close eye on the news and will inform you as soon as possible.

Until then, let us remind you Kalomoira’s performance back in 2008 in Belgrade.



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