Greeece: Stefania to record her Eurovision entry in September!

ERT, which in recent months has shown great mobility at all levels, preparing a very rich program for the autumn, with ambitious and meticulous productions, still keeps its papers closed regarding the Eurovision Song Contest.

ERT’s priorites

The fact that was one of the first public broadcasters, which confirmed Stefania as its representative for Eurovision 2021, gives ERT significant time, since everything that would be required in order to choose an artist, is no longer needed.

From ERT’s headquartes of Agia Paraskevi, what they emphasized to us is that the time is more than enough and everything will be discussed and planned at the right timing. What all the competent services of ERT are dealing with during this period is the preparation of the new program, which will be on our screens much sooner than any obligations of the Greek public broadcasters for Eurovision!

In addition, because Eurovision is an international project, where the bans and consequences of the coronavirus have a direct impact on any planning, it is very important to clarify the landscape and the pandemic.

Waiting for the new head of delegation

Despite the fact that in the previous months we had a series of appointments at ERT, until the time of writing this article, the new head of International Relations had not been announced.

Ms. Maria Koufopoulou left International Relations, after a successful presence of more than two years and now we expect her replacement, who most likely according to the schedule of ERT, to be the new head of delegation.

It is worth noting that while a call for expressions of interest had been published for many of ERT’s positions of responsibility, this route has not been followed for the position of Head of International Relations, which means that the position will be filled by the staff.

For everything that is defined by the new organization chart of ERT in relation to the Eurovision Song Contest and who will undertake the project, you can see our relevant article.


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Stefania in studio

Stefania returned to the Netherlands, after her summer vacation in Greece. Having finished school now and having a difficult and full winter ahead of her, she is ready to dedicate herself to her goal, which is the best possible representation of Greece in the Contest.

Within the next month Stefania will come to Athens in order to record the songs prepared by Dimitris Kontopoulos and ARCADE for Eurovision 2021. Besides, as she revealed, but also as you first read from EurovisionFun, her song for Eurovision 2021 is already ready.

The way in which the Greek entry will be presented is still unknown and will be determined at a much later stage, taking into account many parameters, some of which are listed above.

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