EBU uploaded again the “How To Eurovision – Greece” video, after ERT’s protest!

The video “How To Eurovision – Greece” is back on YouTube, having removed the points for which ERT sent an official protest to the EBU.

First through Eurovisionfun you read about the strange video, which both we and many other fans characterized, the EBU posted on YouTube and the rest of the social media and supposedly honored the Greek presence in the contest.

Specifically, in the original video, apart from a brief review of Greece in Eurovision Song Contest, there was an extensive tribute to the 12 points of Cyprus to Greece, while it was mentioned that in 1998 the Greek entry saved from the last place and the 0 points, thanks to the 12 points of Cyprus. As if that were not enough, the video even included the mocking of the Greek participation that year by the audience.

Of course, in similar videos from other countries, we did not see anything like that, because of course it is not only Greece and Cyprus that, for well-known reasons, exchange high scores every year. Denmark does the same with Iceland, but so do the other Nordic countries, as do Poland and Ukraine, Estonia and Latvia, Belarus and Russia, as well as the countries of the former Yugoslavia.

After the dynamic intervention of ERT, which made it understandable to those involved that the issue would go to extremes as it was a matter of dignity, the problematic points were removed from social media, and then the video was completely downloaded from YouTube.

As of yesterday afternoon, the video is again on YouTube, without the audience’s mocking, with a clearly shorter and more diplomatic reference to the 12 points of Cyprus, while the saxophonist’s “out of tune” solo in Anixi of Sofia Vossou no longer exists.


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