Austria: ORF will decide their selection method for Eurovision 2023 during June!

A few days after Austria’s non-qualification with Lumix and Pia Maria at Eurovision 2022, the head of the Austrian delegation, Stefan Zecher spoke about the possible ways of selecting the Austrian entry from Eurovision 2023 and on!

The head of the Austrian delegation from 2011, Stefan Zechner said:

The disappointment is huge, of course, because it’s the third time in a row that we haven’t reached the final. We just have to analyze how it is possible that a song that has done extremely well on YouTube and Spotify doesn’t get enough votes to make it to the final.

When asked why other countries always have a guaranteed ticket to the final while Austria always has to “fight”, he gave the following answer:

Countries like Sweden, for example, which usually always reach the final, are more positive about the competition. In Italy, the country’s best-known artists try to take part in Eurovision. In our country, on the other hand, people continue mocking Eurovision, even though the quality of the music has clearly improved.

When asked if the country’s representative could be chosen from a music show like Starmania, Zechner said:

This could be one of the many possibilities. “Starmania” could be won by someone who wouldn’t actually be suitable for Eurovision. If, on the other hand, we have our own national final, there’s the problem of finding artists who are willing to be exposed to the antagonism. Many established musicians don’t want to do that.

Right now we have a new program director, Stefanie Groiss-Horowitz. We will jointly consider how to approach the Song Contest. I think we need to ask ourselves what needs to change, what new approaches there are.

A decision on our selection method should be made in June, because if a new system is implemented, we will have to prepare it during the summer.

Lumix and Pia Maria represented Austria at Eurovision 2022 with “Halo”, you can watch their performance from the first semi-final here:

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