Greece: Melissa submitted her proposal to ERT | EXCLUSIVE

Just a while ago, the finalist of the German Pop Idol, Melissa Mantzoukis, submitted her proposal to ERT, in order to claim the Greek representation in Eurovision 2023!

Melissa confirms our article back in summer, saying that she is interested in holding the Greek flag in Eurovision 2023, by sending her song to ERT some time ago. Melissa was on of Eurovisionfun’s proposals for this year’s contest, winning our fan poll between the proposed artists, as well.

What is Melissa’s proposal consisted of:

Melissa’s proposal contains one song, signed by a team of Greek and Dutch composers. Melissa recorded it back in summer in Greece, while she was here for her summer vacation.

We are talking about a modern completely pop dance track, which can easily be played in all night clubs. We can say that the song is an hymn to the women, who have to protect themselves from the toxic and delinquent behaviors that they face in the adversities and challenges of our times.

In case Melissa Mantzoukis gets selected as Greece’s representative, expert Fokas Evangelinos is going to take over the stage direction, Ilias Kokotos the general admission of the attempt and Dimitris Kontopoulos the musical revision.

Who is Melissa?

Despite her young age, Melissa is a singer that can perform literally everything, as you’ll see below. From strong, demanding ballads to dance pop songs, she managed to sing everything she was asked to, from DSDS (the German Pop Idol) with relative ease.

She became known to the enormous German public, after managing to reach the final of the DSDS, winning third place. She devoted this result to her father, saying that she couldn’t reach that high without him. Her father, whom you can see in the end of the show’s first audition video, passed away some months before the end of the talent show.

DSDS came to an end just a few weeks ago, and there are lots of people, even in Germany, who think that Melissa is overflowing with what Eurovision needs. The comments of the judges were laudatory in all of her performances, while on the same time she released her first single.

Below is her performance on the Grand Final, that earned her the third place:

Would you like to see Melissa Mantzoukis represent Greece in Eurovision 2023? Write us in the comments down below!

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Greek participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, in the Liverpool!

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