Editorial: From Stefania, to Amanda and now to Silia!

What is it that connects the three young singers, both of whom were lucky enough at a very young age to represent Greece and Cyprus in the Eurovision contest? Apart from the fact that all three of them are proud children of the Greek and Cypriot diaspora, they were Eurovisionfun’s suggestions and won the relevant poll of our readers!


It all started with Stefania in May 2019. A few days after the end of Eurovision, we wrote about a then unknown Stefania who we thought was an ideal choice to represent Greece in next year’s contest, which would be held in the Netherlands, her country of residence.

By a wide margin Stefania emerged as the winner of our poll, and a few months later, after submitting her proposal to ERT, she was chosen to represent the country at Eurovision 2020. The contest was cancelled due to COVID-19, but Stefania represented us in 2021, bringing Greece in the top 10 after eight years, managing to be in 10th place in both the televoting and the juries, something that Greece achieved for the first time!


The success continued in 2022. Early on and again through our website we suggested Amanda as an artist who could deservedly succeed Stefania on the stage of the contest.

Although Amanda was an outsider, since everyone thought it was Good Job Nicky’s turn, the song she submitted to ERT was admittedly the one that rightly had to represent Greece in Turin.

Amanda’s special voice and her atmospheric song lifted the nation even higher at Eurovision 2022, bringing Greece to eighth place and listening to “Greece 12 points” six times in total!

Black 2023

Even though everything seemed ideal for 2023 and a third top 10 series in the making was very likely, some people in ERT’s headquarters had a contrary opinion, wanting to write on the back of their shoes the opinion of the public committee, the comments of the fans on social media, but also common sense, they decided to send a completely inexperienced artist, who had no TV or live experience, with a team that turned out to be completely unfit to carry out this project.

For the record, the winner of our proposal poll was Melissa Mantzoukis, who was also the winner of the ERT audience committee vote, by a huge margin …


From where Stefania and Amanda left off, Silia Kapsis is invited to continue the tradition, just for Cyprus this time. Silia was one of our suggestions this summer, winning the corresponding poll of our readers, with a percentage of over 35%!

We may have suggested her for the Greek representation, but in our article since then, we wrote that her father’s Cypriot origin could put her on the radar of RIK as well, which as you saw happened.

We hope that an additional common element that will connect Silia with Stefania and Amanda from next May, will be that she will have the same good fortune in terms of ranking, scoring a top 10 for Cyprus.

Watch our video below:

Will Silia continue the successful tradition? Tell us in the comments below!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the latest news about the Cypriot participation.


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