Cyprus: Silia Kapsis wows again with her vocals!

Silia Kapsis, Cyprus’s representative in Eurovision 2024, gave us another small but impressive sample of her vocal skills today. Silia performs the song “I’m Here” from the musical The Color Purple, live with just a piano accompaniment, in a clip she shared via her personal YouTube account. The final result, as you can see, is impressive, despite the fact that it was captured with a single camera shot.

Everyone has been praising Silia for her dancing skills, but the young performer is undeniably a great singer too. Anyway, that was the exact reason why she was picked by RIK to represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2024.

As we have previously informed you via Eurovisionfun, the RIK team, as well as the artistic team in charge, are already working feverishly on every detail regarding the Cypriot participation. Soon they will be able to unveil the rest of the team that will accompany Silia in Malmö.

As a reminder, Silia Kapsis will represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2024 with a song written by Dimitris Kontopoulos, a composer who has been linked with numerous successful Eurovision entries in the past.

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all news regarding Silia’s journey on the road to Malmö!

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