Poland: Court orders the announcement of the results of the national final for Eurovision 2023!

A court decision in Poland, following a complaint by the local OGAE, orders the announcement of the detailed results of the national final for Eurovision 2023.

The story of the dispute

While we have not yet practically calmed down from the scandals and the tense atmosphere at Eurovision 2024, a decision of the Warsaw Regional Administrative Court obliges the Polish public television to announce the detailed results of the jury in the national final for Eurovision 2023.

As you may remember back then, a lot had been said and written about this national final, which was considered to be at least a scandal. The favorite to win that national final was Jann with the song Gladiator. Despite the fact that the TV audience supported him with their vote, it was the jury’s score that finally gave the ticket to Blanka and her Solo, eventually finishing in the 19th place in the final.

Immediately after the end of the national final, there were many complaints, both about the conflict of interest of some of the jury members, but also about the fact that TVP never announced the detailed results of the jury.

Edyta Gorniac, who was the president of the committee, had stated that she actually only knew her own score and that the results she announced were the ones she was given on a piece of paper. Polish radio and television had explained that the process was supervised by a notary public.

Despite the persistent pressure from OGAE Poland to TVP for transparency and publication of the detailed results, there was no response towards this direction. Thus, with an official complaint of the local branch of OGAE to the regional administrative court of Poland last January, the compulsory publication of the detailed results of the jury in the national final of Eurovision 2023 was requested.

The Court’s decision

The court last week ruled that this information must be public and the public has a right to access it. It remains unknown when TVP is required to announce the official results. No one from public television appeared before the court.

After the change of government in Poland, TVP has entered a process of change and modernization, trying to follow the pro-Western footsteps of the new government. In this context was the detailed announcement of the results of the jury, in the internal selection that followed this year, highlighting the choice of the country’s participation in the competition.

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Source: EurowizjaEuromix

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