Greece: Today the presentation of “SUPERG! RL”

The big day for the ubiquitous Greek Eurofans has dawned! Everything is ready for the official launch of the “SUPERG! RL” video clip! Today at 167:00 CET time, with ERT1 frequency and the tv show “Eurovision Countdown”, with presenter Michael Marinos, the wait is coming to an end!

The “Eurovision Countdown” show for the Eurovision 2020 song contest kicks off at ERT. From this Sunday and every Sunday, Michael Marinos will take us to the magical world of our favorite contest. As part of the broadcast, the videoclip of the Greek participation in this year’s song contest will be broadcasted – at first viewing! But it will not only have a Greek “color” as the other 65 Eurovision entries so far will be screened. Also throughout the coming weeks the show will feature a variety of reports on this year’s participants as well as a look at the history of the competition!

The first show guests are George Kapoutzidis and Maria Kozakou, who will also be the commentators fro Greece in the upcoming contest. Apart from the twin Greek commentators, of course, we will have the opportunity to see Stefania, as well as her loved ones who wish her good luck.











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