Kalomira: “I have a song ready for Eurovision”!

Kalomira wished all Greeks a happy new year, through the show “What do you say now!” , live from Washington, DC, United States.

The famous snger who brought Greece a respectable third place at Eurovision 2008, wished for the new year, talked about her career in singing and her life in the USA. She was moved by the tribute video prepared by the show’s hosts and talked about her past in Greece and the effort she made to fulfill her dream: to become a singer.

“I have missed Greece a lot, the job, the people, the backstage” she noted and added: “I want to come to Greece, but it is difficult with the children, because they are young and all our relatives are in the USA. I feel that I will not be a good mom, if I do what I want and they do not see any of their relatives “.

“I live another life here, I am 100% Greek, but I was born here and I have a normal daily life. I live another life in Greece “, added Kalomira, emphasizing that her children have not seen her sing live. “My children ask me why they want an interview from you” .

Speaking about her husband, she noted that she is very busy with the children, while she stressed that she does gymnastics every day from 06:00 to 07:00. “It’s the only time I can, because then I have to make them breakfast,” she said.

Kalomira and Eurovision

Of course, she was asked about Eurovision, a story that lasts at least from 2018, when her name was first heard as a possible representative of Greece or Cyprus in the contest.

I have five songs ready, one of which is for Eurovision which I keep if I happen to go again. I keep it if something happens. It’s awesome, it’s the most beautiful song, I wrote it with Claydee, Mohombi and very successful people.

Kalomira also answers the question whether she would represent a country other than Greece.

I have been offered, but I think how I will keep another flag!

Finally, she added about her future in the field of music, emphasizing that she has collaborated with successful producers and is looking for a way to release them in Greece.

We remind you that through Eurovisionfun in August, you were informed about Kalomira’s interest in representing Greece at Eurovision 2022. Finally, for unknown reasons, she did not submit her participation to ERT, although she was indeed in Greece for the recording of these songs, with the assistance of Claydee, but also of Mohombi, while she had made an appointment in ERT in early September for this purpose.

Would you like to see Kalomira, returns at the Eurovision Song Contest?

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