Romanian broadcaster launches online poll about the future of the country in the contest

As we previously reported, Romanian national broadcaster TVR is considering to withdraw from the contest after the announcement of EBU regarding irregular voting patterns of 6 national juries in the semi-final, including the Romanian jury.

As part of the show which TVR will broadcast tonight called Referéndum, the broadcaster has launched an online poll, asking audience to vote if they want Romania to participate again in Eurovision.


As of the time these lines are written, more than 5800 have voted and the results so far are:

YES – 53%

NO – 38%



The poll and whether Romania should participate in Eurovision 2023 will be discussed on Monday 23rd of May at 9Pm on TVR 1. You can watch the show live through the video below:


Do you think Romania will take part in Eurovision 2023? Tell us in the comments!

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