Cyprus: Andrew Lambrou is in Stockholm for the recording of his Eurovision entry!

Andrew Lambrou arrived in snowy Stockholm in order to record the song with which he will compete in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest.

The representative of Cyprus in Eurovision 2023 and RIK, the Cypriot public broadcaster, have really entered into rhythm for Eurovision, since unlike this year when the decisions were made at a fairly advanced stage, this time everyone’s wishes are to have time ahead of them, so that there is also the most appropriate preparation.

Andrew Lambrou left his native Australia, which has summer these months, in order to come to Stockholm, where today snowed for the first time this year.

Delighted, Andrew uploaded a short video from snowy Stockholm, saying that it is his first experience in such cold, but also in snow!

According to what was conveyed to us by the Cypriot delegation, Andrew Lambrou’s trip to Stockholm has to do with the recording of the song, with which he will represent his country in the Eurovision contest. This practically means that the song is already selected. More details about the creators have yet to be announced, but the fact that he is in Stockholm for the recording makes us believe that Swedish musicians will sign the Cypriot entry to Eurovision 2023.

Immediately after the end of the recording, Andrew Lambrou will come for a few days to Athens and then to Cyprus, where he will give interviews and be present in the country’s media.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the news!

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