RIK will not file an objection to the Greek jury even though its establishment appears to be invalid!

Invited to ALPHA’s show, Super Katerina, was the director general of RIK, Mr. Thanasis Tsokos, who was asked to comment on everything we revealed yesterday from our website regarding the formal obstacles we identified in the ERT’s  jury for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

We have no intention of filing an objection but…

Mr. Tsokos, when asked by Katerina Kainourgiou if RIK intends to file an objection for the Greek jury, stated that there is no such intention, and the final score could only be changed if ex officio the EBU, which has already been informed of the issue, proceeded to cancel the rating of the ERT committee. Nevertheless, Mr. Tsokos expressed his bitterness over the fact that Greece did not give Cyprus the 12 points this year, since by all accounts it was a good entry and with the 4 points it finally gave, it deprived his country of a top ten finish. At the end, the general director of RIK gave a piece of advice to ERT, which we think they should take very seriously, after everything that happened this year.

ERT itself should rationalize its committee!

We remind you that the problem with the establishment of the ERT committee is that it includes two members who have a working relationship with Greek public television, which is prohibited by the EBU regulations. Another point is that all its members are radio producers, which does not ensure the diversity requested by national juries.

According to the regulation in force at Eurovision 2023, in case of cancellation of a jury, the televoting vote of that country is valid twice.

The members of the Greek jury are:

Christos Giakoumopoulos
Fotis (Takis) Giannoutsos
Nikolaos Nikolakopoulos
Claudia Matola
Evanthia Theotokatu


We will follow the matter with interest and bring you any further developments.

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  1. Apostolos
    Apostolos says:

    Im so happy that Greece did not give Cyprus 12 points. Cyprus has a good song, but I am so sick and tired of juries voting just for politics. This is a song contest, not a alliance and best friend contest, giving points to your neighbours just cause you love them.


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