Greece: Victor Vernicos covers Alexander Rybak and Amanda Tenfjord!

Last Thursday, the Greek national broadcaster ERT hosted a meet-and-greet event where we got the chance to meet Victor Vernicos. Victor performed “What They Say“ live for the first time in front of an audience but also performed two of his all-time favourite Eurovision entries! You can watch his versions of “Die Together” and “Fairytale” at the videos below:

Die Together – Amanda Tenfjord

Fairytale – Alexander Rybak

Watch Victor perform “What They Say” live, for the first time in front of audience down on the video below:

Victor is competing eighth at Second Semi-Final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, in May 11, 2023.

You can watch the reaction of the editors of Eurovisionfun, reacting and commenting on the Greek entry for Eurovision 2023 below:

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Eurovision 2022: Watch the Live-on-Tape videos of Greece, Armenia and Finland!

The live-on-tape of the countries that participated in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest in May in Turin will be shown this year through the official Eurovision channel on YouTube.

From June 14 to 23, Eurofans will have the opportunity to watch the live-on-tape appearances of about thirty of the forty countries that took part in this year’s contest.

Today, it is the turn of three more countries, two of the first semi-final and one of the second semi-final. Since the EBU decided to show the live-on-tapes based on the running order of the first semifinal, this means that today it is the turn of Greece, Armenia and Finland.

🇬🇷 Watch the Live-on-Tape performance of “Die Together” by Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord:

🇦🇲 Watch the Live-on-Tape performance of “Snap” by Rosa Linn:

🇫🇮 Watch the Live-on-Tape performance of “Jezebel” by The Rasmus:

Watch the previously published Live-on-Tape videos:

What do you think about the first Live-on-Tape videos of Eurovision 2022? Do you like them or do you prefer the live performances?

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Greece: Streams Record for “Die Together” on Spotify!

Yesterday, on May 11, “Die Together” reached a recorf of streams of Spotify. Specifically, it surpassed 2.500.000 streams, of which yesterday’s streams reached 206.772!

More importantly, the 15.000 of those streams were from Greece. All of the above, of course, fill the Greek delegation with optimism, that the Greek song will have a high placment in the televoting as well.

Those who qualify for the fnal hae two more rehearsal tomorrow (press and jury rehearsal) and the Family Rehearsal on Saturday.

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Eurovision 2022: The Dress Rehearsal of the First Semi Final! (Live)

Today is the first day of the Eurovision week! We can already hear the “Sound of Music” echoing from Pala Olimpico in Turin and it’s just a few days before we finally know who is actually going to win the 66th Eurovision Song Contest!

The dress rehearsal of the Eurovision 2022 First Semi Final has just started. EurovisionFun will be watching all the shows live at both the on-site press centre in Turin and at the online press centre and we will be covering this rehearsal, commenting on all the performances and describing in detail what is happening during the show.

You will be able to to follow the entire process and get the feeling that you are right at the heart of the contest! This article gets updated in nearly real-time, all you need to do is hit the refresh button on your browser and all the rest is on us!

We will keep you up to date with all the latest details about this dress rehearsal for the First Semi Final show, allowing you to get a glimpse of what you will get to see tomorrow May 10th, at 21:00 CEST when the actual semi-final show takes place.

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Alexander Rybak mixes Amanda Tenfjord’s “Die Together” with “Fairytale”!

Alexander Rybak posted a TikTok video, with “Die Together” while on the same time he plays in his violin his song “Fairytale”,  with which he won Eurovision 2009.

@alexrybakofficial @Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord🌟 one of my favorite Eurovision songs!🥰 Who will you vote for?🤓 #eurovision #fairytale #dietogether #alexanderrybak ♬ original sound – Alexander Rybak

Amanda Tenfjord’s support from Norway is really impressive. Watch what an interviewer of their public TV says about her:

Subwoolfer, Norway’s representative for Eurovision 2022, uploaded a video parody of the Greek music video, promoting “Die Together” from their perspective:

@subwoolfer We were born together. We will die together. But not for a few more million years at least. @Eurovision #greece #amandatenfjord #subwoolfer #subcubs #crouchinggreekhiddennorwegian ♬ original sound – Subwoolfer

Watch all the interviews of the Turquoise Carpet HERE.

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Norway: “Die Together” in second place at Adresse Torino!

Alvan and Ahez  from France were revealed as the winners of the Norwegian show  Adresse Torino The top three was formed by France , Greece and Sweden . At the bottom of the ranking was Croatia with 15 of the possible 96 points. Ukraine won the last episode of Adrese Torino with a total of 79 points.

The overall results:

  1. France – 86 points
  2. Greece – 83 points
  3. Sweden – 82 points
  4. Ukraine / Austria – 79 points
  5. Italy – 76 points
  6. Australia – 75 points
  7. Spain – 73 points
  8. Albania / Lithuania – 71 points
  9. Czech Republic – 70 points
  10. Israel – 69 points
  11. Netherlands – 63 points
  12. Portugal – 62 points
  13. Moldova – 61 points
  14. Cyprus – 58 points
  15. Latvia – 55 points
  16. United Kingdom / Ireland – 54 points
  17. Estonia / Finland – 52 points
  18. Romania / Belgium – 51 points
  19. Armenia – 47 points
  20. Poland / Malta – 46 points
  21. Iceland / Serbia – 44 points
  22. Slovenia – 40 points
  23. Azerbaijan – 39 points
  24. Northern Macedonia – 38 points
  25. Montenegro – 36 points
  26. Germany – 34 points
  27. San Marino / Switzerland – 29 points
  28. Denmark – 28 points
  29. Agriculture – 27 points
  30. Bulgaria – 16 points
  31. Croatia – 15 points

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Eurovision 2022: Greece’s Second Rehearsal!

The last rehearsal for today is the one of Greece with Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord and her song ‘Die Together’. The first rehearsal received huge acceptance from the fandom being the only entry that climbed in the odds. The artistic approach of the staging director Fokas Evangelinos seems to have left great impressions even though a small snippet was given to the public from Tik Tok. Today, Amanda is coming again on stage for her second rehearsal, hoping to keep the eyes on her and to achieve the best possible result for Greece.

The Second Rehearsal

The song begins in a dark stage and with close shots on Amanda’s face that fade to black. Amanda opens and closes her eyes based on the pauses of the song. Then, the shot opens and we can see Amanda standing up. There are several chairs on stage, which seem to have melted legs.

The tempo of the song is getting stronger and now from above we see the stage turning blue, the color that from now and on dominates Greece’s staging. In the bridge of the song, the camera is close to Amanda while in the leds we see her shadow dancing with a male one.

Towards the end of the song there are general shots and the stage is filled up with lights and shadows around Amanda. Die Together ends as it begins with closing of Amanda’s eyes.

Below you can watch an exclusive preview clip of Amanda’s second rehearsal:



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Finland: Amanda’s and Sam Ryder’s songs from Eurovision 2022 stand out for the Rasmus!

After Maro from Portugal, the legendary band The Rasmus also mentioned in the press conference followed their first rehearsal, that one of the songs that stands out from this year’s competition is Die Together!

The Greek and British participation was singled out by The Rasmus, as they revealed in the press conference shortly after the completion of their first rehearsal, which admittedly went very well.

They are the second artists after Maro from Portugal who give a vote of confidence in the Greek song and Amanda, who since yesterday continues the rally of rise in the betting companies, in the polls and in the fan predictions!

The second rehearsal of The Rasmus is on Thursday at 11:15 CET

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Norway: Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord Wins Adresse Torino Show Two!

Greece was the winner of the second show of the Norwegian TV show about Eurovision, Adresse Torino.

The points of this evening were determined by a celebrity panel of juries and a public panel of juries. On the celebrity panel for the show consisted of Sandeep Singh, Ingeborg Heldal, Staysman and Kevin Vågenes. The public jury consisted of Jim Ødegård Pedersen, Fredrik Holth, Linn Seime Thistel, Frøya Fluge.

The results were as follows:

  1. Greece – 83 points
  2. Sweden – 82 points
  3. Albania – 71 points
  4. Lithuania – 71 points
  5. Portugal – 62 points
  6. Poland – 46 points
  7. North Macedonia – 38 points
  8. Georgia – 27 points
  9. Bulgaria – 16 points

Adresse Torino’s next episode is on Friday at 20:05 CET with the panel assessing the songs from Israel, Netherlands, San Marino, Azerbaijan, Romania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Iceland, Austria and the United Kingdom.

You can watch the show on the NRK Player here.


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Greece: “Everything on stage will be captured though Amanda’s eyes”

Fokas Evangelinos, the Greek stage director for this year’s delegation, has spoken to “Στουντιο 4“, a greek show in ERT, about Amanda and her perfomance in Turin.

Just a day before the Greek delegation leaves for Turin, the Greek choreographer and director, talked about his cooperation with Amanda and her show in the stage of PalaOlimpico.

The last rehearsals were done today:

Today was our last rehearsal at ERT. It was the final one, with sound and everything and we are ready.

What are your feeling about Amanda and “Die Together”:

I have fell in love with this song. I got crazy both with “Die Together” and Amanda herself. I love the pauses and the empty sound of the song. It is a very powerfull element in the track. Amanda is exotic, she may look very serious but she has a great sense of humor. We had a wonderful cooperation.

How will “Die Together” come to life on stage?

It will be a simple perfomance. Amanda will be alone on stage. Everything will be captured though her eyes. There are three things that I want to highlight in the perfomance: Absence, Wear and the Sadness of a breakup. It is a very beautiful and lovely staging. There is of course an artistic intervention in the perfomance. We will se everything that’s going on though her eyes. The backdrop is designed in a way that it won’t overcome Amanda or the emotion of the song. Everything is connected in a way that the viewer will focus on her and not on the props or the lightning etc

How is the outfit that Celia Kritharioti designed for Amanda?

The outfit is wonderful. It’s made by a doric material. It’s beautiful and airy.

He has also mentioned his favorites perfomances he has directed and he has mentioned: Greece 2005, Azerbaijan 2013 and Russia 2016 and 2019.

Greece will perform 15th in the first semifinal with the song “Die Together”.

Will Greece manage to get a good result in Turin? Write your prediction on the comments below!