Romania: TVR debates Eurovision participation!

The Romania/EBU saga continues!

Romania is considering leaving the Eurovision Song Contest after the EBU replaced its jury votes together with other five countries.  The EBU questioned the validity of the Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and San Marino jury votes.

In a public statement Mr. Dan Cristian Turturică, the president-general director of TVR said that a future participation of Romania in the festival is open up to debate.

TVR 1 will broadcast a debate on the subject in the tv program Referéndum moderated by Mihai R ădulescu.  The question to the public will be: Do you want Romania to participate again in Eurovision?

TVR also invited EBU representatives to the program to further explain its accusations against the jury votes of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and San Marino.

TVR will broadcast their Eurovision debate tonight at 21.00 on TVR1.

Source: Facebook/ Dan Cristian Turturică

Romania: The points awarded by the Romanian Jury!

Romanian public television announced the points that their jury would have given if the EBU had not canceled their rating.

Romania was also one of the six countries whose jury results were annulled, as in the second semifinal, as reported by the EBU, they had strange results.

Romania Public Television recently announced the results of the jury in the Grand Final, as it would have voted if it had not canceled its rating:

Here the question arises, that the results of Romania were strange, when for example in the final it gave 12 to Moldova which did not vote for Romania at all and 10 to Greece, which gave 7 to Romania. No exchange occurs here and erroneously in our opinion the results of their jury in the final were canceled.

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