Evangelia: The song she proposed in Cyprus for Eurovision 2022 has been released!

As she first revealed to Eurovisionfun and in the interview she gave us, Evangelia released the video clip of the song she had proposed in Cyprus for Eurovision 2022.

The song is called Aphrodite and the references to the island of Aphrodite in Cyprus are clear. It is in the familiar style of Evangelias, with an ethnic and uptempo rhythm.

Evangelia participates with three songs in this year’s ERT selection process as well, although as she told us one of the three is her favorite and the one she believes deserves to be on the stage of the competition.

Enjoy the song:

Do you think Aphrodite would have had better luck than Andromache’s Ela?

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Greece: More than 20 songs have already been submitted | EXCLUSIVE

While there are still three weeks before the expiration of the deadline (set out by ERT) for record labels and production companies to submit their proposals for Eurovision 2023, the songs submitted so far amount to more than 20!

We can exclusively reveal that submitted entries have exceeded 20, while not a single song had been received at the same time last year! As we pointed out before, the 43 songs that took part in last year’s selection procedure is going to be easily surpassed. This highlights the impact of ERT’s good choices in recent years.

What is also surprising is that we now have artists, representing various music genres; this involves genres that the public is not used to see representing Greece in ESC.

The ERT’s shift to more western-style entries has aroused the interest of several artists who, until a few years ago, did not even consider Eurovision as an option.

The names that have, in one way or another, expressed their intention to submit a proposal to ERT for Eurovision 2023 are the following:

  • Antonia Kaouri
  • Aretha
  • Artemis Matafia
  • Cynthia Verazie
  • Evangelia
  • Joanne
  • Klavdia
  • Leon of Athens
  • Melissa Mantzoukis
  • Operatical
  • Vasilis Kourtis

Of course, as we move towards the end of the deadline on October 9, others will be added to list above. Eurovisionfun will follow the developments closely, and inform you of everything that comes up.

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Everything we know so far about the candidates interested in representing Greece at Eurovision 2023!

Three weeks are left for those interested in representing Greece at Eurovision 2023. During this period more names will be published, in order for the candidate puzzle regarding ERT‘s internal selection process for the song and artist that will represent Greece in the upcoming contest to be complete.

The process followed by ERT

The deadline that ERT gave to artists, production companies and record labels in order to submit their proposals for a chance to claim the Greek representation at the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, is closing at October 9th.

Subsequently, the members from an artistic committee, headed by songwriter and board of directors member  Dimitris Papadimitriou, will be individually called for listening to the submitted songs and reviewing them. A small number of songs that has gained the committee members’ approval will progress to the second and final phase (last year it was five songs).

The performing artists of these songs will be called to ERT’s headquarters at Agia Paraskevi along with their teams, in order to present their plans for the contest (staging, promotion plan) in front of ERT’s management and the committee members and to answer any possible questions.

Subsequently, if the artists have progressed to the second phase of the process and have appeared at ERT’s broadcasts, the lucky one that will wave the Greek flag at the United Kingdom in May will be announced.

The candidates

Plenty of artists have confirmed their participation in the internal selection process, either publicly or through information that arrived at Eurovisionfun.

Antonia Kaouri

The talented performer from MINOS EMI that last year was a Greek jury member for Eurovision 2022, is intensively prepearing for the proposal she is about to submit at ERT. Her striking appearance and her unique voice tone are her greatest weapons. Antonia Kaouri will enter the studio very soon and we will reveal to you more information regarding her proposal.

Vasilis Kourtis

The announcement of his candidacy through Eurovisionfun since the summer, received an especially positive feedback. It will be the first time that Greece will be represented by a tenor, of course if he gets selected by ERT for Eurovision 2023. Having done some incredible collaborations and theatrical and musical studies that a very select few have in our country, Vasilis Kourtis looks like the perfect representative to many, and not unfairly. Vasilis has already recorded the song he is going to submit to ERT. His song bears Dimitris Kontopoulos’s signature, something that makes his candidacy a whole lotta interesting.

Areti Kosmidou (Aretha)

The runner-up from the first season of The Voice of Greece returned to Greece after years of living abroad. In a television interview Areti Kosmidou has revealed that one of the reasons she returned, is a proposal’s sumbission to ERT for Eurovision 2023. She revealed that she has already completed two songs. It’s about one electro pop song more mainstream than the indie pop style she was following at the dawn of her career.


One more candidacy that became known since early on was the one from Evangelia. The young artist that has recently released a duet with our last representative Amanda, since the end of the previous contest has announced that is going to submit songs to ERT for Eurovision 2023. She was among the last year’s candidates too, but she couldn’t manage to be in the top five. Evangelia hasn’t submitted her proposal yet, but according to what she revealed recently, she is at the last phase of her preperation.

Artemis Matafia

One more artist that was among the candidates for Eurovision 2022. She will submit two songs to ERT, just like she did last year.


The winner of The Voice of Greece, Joanne, as we were informed during the summer by her recording label MINOS EMI, will attempt claiming the Greek representation in Eurovision 2023 for a second year in a row. Like Evangelia, Joanne also couldn’t manage to be in the top five, something that she thinks she will overturn this year. More information about the personnel of her proposal have not been published yet.


Klavdia is well known through The Voice of Greece, too. Exclusively collaborating with ARCADE, Klavdia is more than possible going to submit a song of theirs to ERT. A very promising collaboration, that creates great anticipation for the result.

Melissa Mantzoukis

19-year-old Melissa Mantzoukis, some months ago, achieved finishing at the third place of German Idol, having won over both the juries and the TV viewers. In the summer, as you have been informed through Eurovisionfun, she was in Greece to record two songs that is about to submit to ERT within the next period. We will reveal to you more information regarding Melissa’s proposal just as it gets submitted to ERT. One more candidacy that is being prepared for months and deserves our attention.

Leon of Athens

Leon of Athens is one of the creators of our 2019 participation. Towards the end of summer, he was at England recording the song he and his record label COBALT are about to submit to ERT. In his proposal Dream Team is also going to be involved, something practically meaning that the dreamy team will be in more than one proposals from the selection process.

Cynthia Verazie

Supported by Mike Connaris that represented Cyprus twice in the contest, Cynthia Verazie of polish decent that became known to our country through Rising Star and has been living in Norway for the last few years, making a career there, has already submitted her proposal to ERT.

To the aforementioned names, of course, as we move on to the end of the deadline, more will be added, with the number surpassing the 43 that were submitted last year. As you may have guessed, Eurovisionfun is tracking the news very closely and is informing you for any news available.

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Evangelia: “I’m sending in a song for Eurovision 2023”!

As we have already revealed, the Greek artists’ interest in participating in Eurovision 2023 is particularly strong! And while the first rumours have already begun to spread, we already have the first official confirmation from none other than Evangelia, a promising young artist who came into vogue the last couple of years!

Evangelia, whose music fuses Greek folk sounds, with (mostly American) pop elements, has already pulled of hits, such as “Páme Páme”, “Fotiá”, and “Ónira”. Also, the new video clip for her song, “Paradise”, was recently released.

The singer, who grew up in New Jersey, USA, and is originally from Crete, said in an Instagram live on her personal account, talking to Adem Kavaz (a Turkish Cypriot Eurovision fan) that she “wants to represent Greece or Cyprus in ESC” and “she will submit a song for Eurovision 2023”.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Adem Kavaz (@all_about_eurovision_sc)

The Instagram video is not available, but it will be published soon on Adem Kavaz’s blog and youtube channel .

It is not the first time that Evangelia will seek to take part in ESC, since last year she reportedly submitted three songs, (one of which was “Ónira”), to represent Greece, which, however, did not go through the second stage of evaluation by the selection committee. Evangelia also sought to represent Cyprus in the 2022 ESC.

Would you like to see Evangelia at Eurovision 2023? Stay tuned for any updates!

Eleni Foureira reveals: Would she comeback to represent Greece or Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest?

Eleni Foureira was featured at a video on Greek YouTuber Fipster’s YouTube channel. Among others, she discussed the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018, when she came 2nd by representing Cyprus. She stated that she would love it if she won, but everything happens for a reason.

When she was asked, which country she would prefer to represent, would she come back at the contest, Eleni Foureira replied that she’d rather represent Greece.

Well, I would certainly represent Greece, because I have already represented Cyprus in the past and I am really glad that I’ve achieved all that, but in the end I’d go for Greece for the next time! 

She didn’t turn down the possibility to represent Albania at some point, where her roots are from, if she was invited to do so and she felt ready to go for it.

If she and the executives of ERT altogether had to choose the representatives of Greece for the following years of Eurovision Song Contest, she said that she would pick Evangelia, that is really unique, Konstantinos Argyros with a nice commercial greek folklore song and Josephine.

You can watch the whole YouTube show featuring Eleni Foureira, at Fipster’s YouTube channel:

Would you like Eleni Foureira to represent Greece at the contest? Let’s see what you think, post your comments below!

Greece: 25 proposals with more than 40 songs were submitted to ERT! EXCLUSIVE

The deadline given by ERT to those who wished to apply for the representation of Greece in Eurovision 2022 ended at midnight on Sunday, October 10. At the moment, according to our exclusive information, 25 proposals of artists have been submitted in ERT’s headquarters, with more than 40 songs!

How many artists participated?

The terms of ERT’s announcement were clear. They wanted complete proposals, from artists who belong to a record company or through a production company. This was intended not to submit a huge number of songs, but only serious proposals, which treat the project with due care.

The bet was crowned with great success, since almost all the record companies in the country, but also several from abroad, sent their proposals. Among the candidates, as you read in the previous period in Eurovisionfun, there are several remarkable and successful artists, who of course honor ERT with their participation.

Despite what has been said since morning in various shows about the number of proposals and songs that were finally submitted to ERT, the truth is completely different and the number is much higher.

More specifically, the Greek representation in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest is claimed by 25 artists. In total, more than 40 songs have been submitted to the jury that will make the final decision!

The candidates in detail

Some of the most well-known artists who have applied are:

Amanda Georgiadi: The expatriate artist from Norway, with an experienced and strong team, enters the internal selection with a classy, ​​inner ballad. – more HERE.

Nikos Ganos: The 38-year-old artist participates with a song, in pop, uptempo rhythm, something that he knows how to serve well. – more HERE.

Elias Kozas: Three songs have been submitted by the Greek representative at Eurovision 2013. Completely different from Alcohol Is Free and in an insurgent rhythm, as he told us. – more HERE.

Artemis Matafia: The songwriter has submitted two songs. Artemis became famous through her participation in The Voice of Greece and J2US.

Konstantinos Christoforou: Perhaps the most experienced of the candidates, will claim his fourth participation in the competition with a dynamic pop ballad. – more HERE.

Evangelia: Evangelia’s proposal includes three songs, in her familiar style. – more HERE.

Good Job Nicky: Nikolas Varthakouris participates in the internal selection with a cinematic song. He also has a strong team behind him, with Fokas Evangelinos standing out. – more HERE.

Jimmy Sion: We met him from his participation in SKAI’s House of Fame. He submitted two songs to ERT, quite different from each other. One is quite upbeat, while the other is an interpretive ballad.

Joanne: The latest winner of The Voice of Greece takes part in the process with a song, by well-known and successful creators. It is in pop and dance rhythms. – more HERE.

Kianna: A disco / techno track from her album that will be released in the coming months includes her proposal.

Marseaux: One of the most alternative proposals. An English, indie pop song, with clear references to the #metoo movement.

Other candidates: More than ten more proposals were submitted by more unrecognizable artists, some of them even from abroad. – more HERE.

The competent committee of ERT now has a speech, headed by the well-known composer and member of the company’s Board of Directors, Dimitris Papadimitriou, who will make the final decisions about the artist and the song that will represent Greece in Turin. Although it is still early, the information tells us that there are some very good songs, which brings great optimism for a very good placement in the final of Eurovision 2022!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments regarding the Greek participation in the upcoming song contest!

Greece: The deadline for Eurovision 2022 will not be extended! EXCLUSIVE

A little more than 24 hours are left for those artists who wish to claim the Greek representation in Eurovision 2022. Tomorrow is the last day of the deadline given by ERT for the submission of proposals by record labels, creators, performers, etc. According to our exclusive information, the Greek public television is not going to give any extension to the deadline.

For more than a month, the interested parties had at their disposal to prepare their proposals and send them to ERT, in order to claim the Greek ticket for Eurovision 2022.

ERT is more than satisfied with the level of participation and the great interest shown by a large and significant number of artists, creators, producers, etc., something that seemed unlikely some years ago. The choice of the management of ERT for a closed, internal selection proves to be correct, since as we have mentioned many times in the past, almost none of the artists who submitted a participation would have participated in a national television final.

So no extension is going to be given, since too many entries have already been submitted, with even more expected tomorrow.

Summing up there have been already submitted the proposals of:

Of course tomorrow Eurovisionfun will inform you about all the proposals that will be submitted on the last day of the deadline, so stay tuned here!

Greece: Evangelia submitted her proposal to ERT!

As we have already revealed, the Greek-American singer Evangelia Psarakis is the joint proposal of Panik Records and Sony Music Germany to ERT for Eurovision 2022.

Evangelia’s complete bid was officially submitted to ERT earlier today and it includes 3 modern pop songs which incorporate greek traditional elements, like her previous singles (Pame Pame, Fotia, Diving). The songs are written by Evangelia herself and her partner in life, Jay Stolar.

Stolar is a renowned producer and has collaborated with various worldwide superstars, including Selena Gomez, John Legend and Demi Lovato. His songs have amassed more than 200 million streams.

It has been revealed that Evangelia will be a candidate not only for the Greek, but also for the Cypriot representation in Eurovision 2022!

Who is Evangelia?

Evangelia is 29 years old and hails from the greek island of Crete. She has a uniqye and interesting style in her music, combining traditional music with modern pop. She has been raised both in Crete with her grandmother but also in New Jersey where her parents used to live. You can definetely hear both of her roots in her sound.

Listen to her latest single here:

Do you think she is a good choice for Eurovision 2022?

Evangelia claims (addition to the Greek), the Cypriot representation in Eurovision 2022!

You did not read wrong, as revealed by the Sunday Mail, which hosts statements by Evangelia, the young singer is claiming in addition to the Greek and Cypriot representation at Eurovision 2022, since she will submit (if she has not already submitted) some of the songs she has prepared at RICK!

This development comes shortly before the expiration of the deadline given by ERT to the record companies, production companies, performers and creators, who wish to represent Greece in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest.

Despite the fact that she has not yet sent her proposal to ERT, according to our reliable information, the Sunday Mail reveals that Evangelia is now among the possible representatives of Cyprus.

Cyprus is known for its cultural diversity, but there is one common denominator and that is music. I share the same feeling!


It remains unknown whether Evangelia will finally submit her proposal to ERT or will focus on claiming the Cypriot representation. However, in recent interviews, she had outlined the songs she had in mind for the contest, saying that they will have a strong Greek element, in the pattern of the songs she has already released.

If, of course, Evangelia actually submits a candidacy in both countries, a paradox arises with the reaction of both ERT and RIK unknown. We will follow the issue and inform you!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments related to our favorite contest!

Source: Sunday Mail

Greece: No proposal has been officially submitted to ERT yet!

It is known that in Greece we are last minute people and this is absolutely true in the case of Eurovision! According to our exclusive and secure information, no proposal has been officially submitted to ERT, for the claim of the Greek representation in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest. This practically means that all interested parties have only one week at their disposal to submit their proposal.

We may already know the potential Greek representatives for the upcoming contest that will be held next May in Italy, we may already have their statements, but so far none of them has submitted his/her song, but also their complete proposal, at the ERT’s headquarters.

Of course, several of them have contacted ERT, asking for clarifications on the process, how to submit their proposal, etc.

The recording studios have literally caught fire, as all the candidates put the finishing touches on the songs they will submit, all hoping that they will impress the jury, which will later be invited to choose the one who will defend the Greek colors at Eurovision 2022.

The ERT team that deals with the project, with of course the prominent director of Corporate Communications Dora Chiraki, is completely satisfied with the level of the artists, but also with the increased interest from the media, production companies, record companies, etc.

What also remains to be decided is the exact way of choosing the artist and the song. As we have written in our previous articles, a jury headed by the composer and member of the Board of ERT, Dimitris Papadimitriou, will be responsible for the selection. What is being considered is for this committee to be more extensive than the corresponding committees of previous years.

The developments as you realize in the coming days will be enough and we will be here to inform you about everything regarding the selection of the Greek entry in Eurovision 2022.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun!